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Ivaneide Bandeira Cardozo

Board Member, Associação de Defesa Etnoambiental Kanindé


Ivaneide is currently Coordinator of Strategic Partnerships at Kaninde.
Daughter of rubber tappers she grew up in the forest within a community of rubber tappers in a remote corner of the Amazon.
As she grew older, she began working with FUNAI's uncontacted indians department. Using her jungle skills, she tracked for months to establish the presence of uncontacted or isolated indigenous groups, and recorded them so that this information could be used to set up protected areas around their living sites. When she discovered that
corrupt officials began selling timber rights to these protected areas, she and a group of colleagues founded Kaninde as a volunteer organization in 1992.
Kaninde has established itself as one of the primary on-the-ground Amazon organizations, with a team of experts including biologists and indigenists. Kaninde continues to take in and nurture young dedicated activists people from the margins of Amazon societies.