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Johan H. Andresen

Owner and Chairman, Ferd Social Entrepreneurs


I own and chair the company Ferd, in Oslo, Norway. The VEK-Value Adjusted Equity of the company is around USD 3.5 bill. The vision of the company is to create lasting value and leave visible footprints. This we attempt to accomplish through 6 business areas. The one dedicated to scaling social enterpreneurs, Ferd Social Enterpreneurs has 12 social entrepreneurs who focus on providing new opportunities to kids and youth through education and empowerment. We employ the resources of the company including, employees, capital, social networks, suppliers, partners and family to directly support the social enterpreneurs. We have not taken equity stakes thus far, but have provided financial support through grants, soft loans, and guarantees. This effort started in 2007. Purpose at Skoll: Learn from other companies who do the same, and find new social solutions that we can scale in the Nordic Region and beyond.

I am 53 years old. Educated at Dartmouth College, US and Rotterdam School of Management. I also sit on the board of SEB, NMI- Norwgian Microfinance Fund (which I initiated) and Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Europe.