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Jorge Gimeno

Head, Duende Foundation


Jorge Gimeno - Alliance Maker, Convener and Social Activist

Began career in Spain with Greenpace and Red Cross. Founded Konkordia - social movement that builds public-private coalitions to generate innovation and scale up successful solutions for growth. In collaboration with the European Forum of New Ideas, Konkordia is also a premier platform for civil society – business dialogue and partnership building. (

Co created and developed the Kongres of Women with 120 volunteers (including women inmates) to host a conference for 9,000 participants and serve a 50,000 strong social movement in Poland. Rejuvenated the Witkiewicz Theatre and its Foundation by mobilizing volunteers, business, media and public authorities to harness art as a tool for social, economic as well as cultural development in the mountain region of Zakopane.

Currently, CEO of Duende Foundation, which publicizes research, runs decentralized debates and capacity building opportunities to facilitate understanding and joint projects between formal and informal civil society activists and business.


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