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Jose Zaglul

Former President, EARTH University


José A. Zaglul is the former President (1987–2016) of EARTH University, an international, private, non-profit institution located in Costa Rica’s humid tropics. EARTH is dedicated to the formation of leaders with ethical values who will contribute to sustainable development and to the construction of a prosperous and just society.
As the founding president of the University, Dr. Zaglul had a leading role in shaping the institution’s philosophy and strategic vision and provided the continuous leadership necessary for this innovative institution’s success. EARTH University offers a unique educational environment that encourages the development of responsible leadership based on values, social commitment, environmental consciousness, academic excellence, and an entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit.
Under his leadership, EARTH graduated more than 2100 students from 39 countries, who are now spread around the world, transforming their own dreams and making EARTH’s mission a reality every day.
Dr. Zaglul holds a PhD in Animal Science from the University of Florida. In addition, he obtained an M.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida and an Animal Science from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. He has been awarded Honorary Doctor degrees from the Chatham University of Pittsburg (2010), the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (2011), the California Polytechnic State University (2016) and the Center for Tropical Agriculture Research and Education (2016).
As a family man, Dr. Zaglul professes special admiration for his Lebanese ancestors and for his migrant parents, who built their home in the small community of San Ramón, in Costa Rica, where Jose and his siblings grew up and received their primary and secondary education. He is married to Rosario Ruiz; they have three children, Joumana, Samir and Layla, and two grandchildren, Lucia and Gabriel, from Joumana and her husband Erick.