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Keith Frome

CEO & Co-Founder, College Summit


A graduate of the Harvard Divinity School (M.T.S., religion and education), and Columbia University (Ed.D., philosophy and education), Dr. Frome has provided his blend of philosophy, education theory, and knowledge of the writing process to College Summit since 1994, when he and J.B. Schramm created and ran a weekend college admissions workshop that became the College Summit summer workshop. Between 1994 and 1995, he led the development of the College Summit writing curriculum that has since served as a pillar of College Summit's approach to navigating the college application process. He created College Summit’s national Education Department and, with support from the Gates Foundation, led College Summit’s expansion to begin serving students in 9th grade. President Obama honored the work of College Summit by donating part of his Nobel Peace Prize to the organization in 2009. Dr. Frome is the co-editor of The Columbia Book of Civil War Poetry (Columbia University Press, 1994), which the Wall Street Journal named as one of the top five war poetry books of all time. The book was selected for the national “Remembering Slavery” curriculum and recommended by the American Library Association as one of the top 10 essential reference books for school libraries. In 1996, Dr. Frome published Hitch Your Wagon to a Star and Other Quotations from Ralph Waldo Emerson (Columbia University Press). He has also written two books on parenting and education: What Not to Expect: A Meditation on the Spirituality of Parenting (Crossroad Publishing, 2005), which won the 2006 Best Book on Family Life Award from the Catholic Press Association and How’s My Kid Doing? and Other Frequently Asked Questions about Schools and Education (Crossroad Publishing, 2008) which won the 2009 Bronze Parenting Book of the Year Award from Foreword Magazine.