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I'm a policy and management professional recognised as a leader in the field of humanitarian innovation. I’m driven by a desire to help stimulate innovation and social change across society. From 2013 to 2016, I was manager of the Humanitarian Innovation Fund at Elrha, a unique mechanism providing funding for organisations to develop, test and share innovations to assist people affected by crisis. I was a co-founder of the fund in 2010, taking over the leadership in 2013 and expanding the fund’s income, building a team of innovation management professionals, and cementing the HIF’s reputation as a leading player supporting innovation in the humanitarian aid system.

For the year prior to starting the MBA, I was based in Cape Town, South Africa, working as a consultant focused on supporting organisations to improve and innovate in the world’s most challenging settings. This included designing a fund to support mobile telecommunications innovation in crisis settings, and advising a start-up developing off-grid micro-servers.

Building on my professional background and academic interests on the MBA, I'm interested in exploring how we can use innovative social finance models to drive impact in emerging markets and fragile contexts.

Regional Focus

Eastern and Southern Africa, Europe, Middle East and North Africa