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Laura Uplinger

Volunteer, Saúde Criança


Laura Uplinger is a proponent and educator in the field of conscious prenatal and perinatal parenting. Since the mid-70s, she dedicates her life to disclosing the relevance of imagination during pregnancy.
Fluent in four languages, she bridges several cultures traveling between Europe and the Americas as a featured speaker for the public at large, teenagers, pregnant couples and birth professionals. In Brazil, she counsels pregnant women from slums to mansions to high-risk maternity wards. She is associated to Saúde Criança / Brazilian Child Health.
Scriptwriter of an award winning video “A Gift for the Unborn Children” ( &
Worked with the Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health and chaired their congresses Womb Ecology ~ World Ecology in 1993 and Birth and the Human Family ~ Embracing the Power of Prenatal Life in 2007.