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Mandy Gull

Deputy Chief, Cree First Nation of WasWanipi


Deputy Chief Mandy Gull of the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi of the Eeyou Nation of James Bay. As an elected official she has been representing her community in capacities relating to economic development, environmental stewardship and protecting the Cree Way of Life.

The Broadback river valley is a major old growth forest that is home to some of the last intact traditional traplines of the tallyman of Waswanipi. The community has been impact by forestry activities on 90% of their hunting grounds. The Broadback also know as Mishigamish is the last pristine forest that is home to the endangered Woodland Caribou. The community has committed to obtaining protection measures for this area as a contribution to protecting a major carbon sink in the battle against climate change.

The goal of the community is to work in obtaining collaboration with the industry to protect the territory for the Woodland caribou and hopes that the Quebec government will recognize the need to provide additional protection for this precious forest.