Michael Jenkins

President, Forest Trends Association

Skoll Awardee


Michael Jenkins is the founding President of Forest Trends, a non-profit organization whose mission is to maintain, restore, and enhance forests and connected natural ecosystems which provide life-sustaining processes, by promoting incentives and markets for ecosystem services and products. Forest Trends seeks to catalyze the development of integrated carbon, water, and biodiversity incentives that deliver real conservation outcomes and benefits to local communities. Forest Trends works in Latin America, Asia, & Africa, in partnership with local institutions. Prior to Forest Trends, Michael was a Senior Forestry Advisor to the World Bank and Associate Director for the Environment at the MacArthur Foundation. He also worked with USAID's Agroforestry Outreach Program in Haiti as well as in Paraguay working with the Peace Corp in agriculture, apiculture and forestry projects. Michael holds a Master's of Forest Science from Yale, and has contributed to & authored numerous publications.