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Nicole Rycroft

Founder and Executive Director, Canopy


Nicole is the Founder and Executive Director of award winning environmental not-for-profit, Canopy. One of Nicole’s guiding philosophies in life, “ask for what you want, you might just get it”, is foundational to her work in transforming unsustainable supply chains, catalyzing next generation solutions and advancing forest conservation and community rights.

Nicole has pioneered new terrain in conservation campaigns by harnessing the purchasing influence of hundreds of the forest industry’s largest customers to broker innovative solutions proportional to the ecological realities of our time. Best known for greening the Harry Potter book series, Canopy works with more than 750 companies - including H&M, The Guardian, Penguin-Random House, Sprint and Stella McCartney - to protect endangered forests, catalyze sustainable supply chains, advance human rights and spark a green economy.

Originally from Australia, Nicole now lives on the west coast of Canada. She is an Ashoka Fellow, the recipient of a Meritorious Service Cross of Canada, an enthusiastic surfer and appreciator of life.