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Nidhi Hegde

Manager, Deloitte & Touche USA


Nidhi Hegde is a Manager at Monitor Inclusive Markets (MIM), a dedicated unit within Monitor Deloitte that focuses on catalyzing market-based approaches to improve the lives and livelihoods of the global poor.
She has been a key member of MIM’s affordable housing program, working with developers to help them get into the market. Most recently, she has been leading a multi-year study on the ‘unintended consequences’ of our low-income housing model on households as they buy, move into and make a new life in these new apartments. In addition, Nidhi has worked on projects relating to financial inclusion, digital livelihoods for BoP, and impact investing. Nidhi has played key roles on the teams that produced the reports From Blueprint to Scale: The Role of Philanthropy in Impact Investing, and Bridging the Gap: The Business Case for Financial Capability and MIM's upcoming report on scaling inclusive models.