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Sara Larrain

Executive director, Chile Sustentable


Sara Larrain is Executive Director of the Sustainable Chile Program, a member of the Interamerican Network for Water and Life Defense, and a board member of the Internacional Forum on Globalization. Past roles include teaching at the Universidad Católica de Chile; co-founder of the Ecological Action Nacional Network; coordinator of the energy/atmosphere campaign of Greenpeace Latin America and the Energy Program of the Sustainable South Cone Program. She has participated in the design of public policies for the National Program for Energy Efficiency; the design and approval of a law establishing a quota of 10% of new renewable energies for 2024; the creation of the Environmental Ministry; Environmental Tribunals; the closure and restoration of mining sites and a law increasing to 20% in 2025 the mandatory quota of renewable energies. Today her team is working to guarantee the human right to water and the protection of glaciers in the Andes Mountains threatened by mining expansion.