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Seana Steffen

Founder and Executive Director, Restorative Leadership® Institute


Seana Lowe Steffen, PhD, is the founder of the Restorative Leadership Institute, a certified B Corp honored as the “Best of the Best for Community Impact” in 2013. Seana brings 25 years of experience in strategic consulting, capacity building, leadership and organizational development throughout the United States and the world in settings such as Senegal, Mexico, and Rwanda.

Seana's awards include ETown National Public Radio’s “E-chievement Award” for making a lasting difference in the community and beyond, and Mortar Board’s “Outstanding Professor” award. She also was a nominee for the Ford Foundation “Leadership for a Changing World Award." In public service, Seana co-founded Explore EL School, which received the first Colorado Education “Commissioner’s Choice Award for Getting Results,” and Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, the first rural regional youth corps in the US and a recipient of White House recognition for positive change in the Southwest. Currently she chairs the WORLD PULSE Global Advisory Network and serves the B Corp leadership council.

As an educator and social ecologist, Seana worked as faculty at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she directed award-winning educational programs to benefit humanity and the environment. She also was core faculty with the CU Sustainable Practices Program and at Naropa University. She currently teaches with the Omega Women’s Leadership Center. A published scholar, Seana's distinctions include introducing the guiding framework of "restorative leadership" to the field and serving on a quick-response national research team following the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Seana focuses on cultivating leadership and enterprise that fulfills humanity's potential to thrive in balance with all life. Her work helps to discover: How do we bring out the best of our diverse humanity to ensure a sustainable world? Seana’s podcast "On Leading" explores that big question.