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Sebastien Turbot

Curator and Director of Content, World Innovation Summit for Education


Sebastien Turbot builds conversation + content-driven collaboration platforms. An enthusiastic storyteller, Sebastien leverages content design to transform complex into simple, mundane into exciting and boring into engaging.

As a conference curator, Sebastien combines content, production and communication to deliver a powerful experience that truly touches people and creates a lasting bond.

He is adept at building networks and communities to cross-pollinate ideas and insights and travels extensively across the globe to deliver impactful strategies for NGOs, foundations, nonprofits, government and corporate entities.

He has a keen interest in developing thought-leadership programs and actively contributes to promote leading and emerging individuals and projects around the world.

As Director and Curator of Qatar Foundation's WISE Initiative (World Innovation Summit for Education), Sébastien provides creative leadership to realise the future-focused vision of the international, multi-sectoral platform dedicated to innovation in education.

Sebastien's writings are regularly published in a range of international media including Forbes. A keen educator, he lectures at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), Sciences-Po, Paris and has taught classes at CELSA Paris, a leading French journalism and communication school.

Prior to WISE, Sébastien crafted the editorial strategy at TEDxParis. An avid explorer, Sébastien decided to get his hands dirty in Afghanistan where he founded Sayara, a strategic communication agency. Sebastien is a frequently requested advisor, lecturer and speaker.