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Stephanie Dodson

Managing Director, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation


Stephanie Dodson became a Managing Director at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation in September 2014. Draper Richards Kaplan believes that with early funding and rigorous support, exceptional social entrepreneurs, tackling some of the world’s most complex problems, can make the world a better place.

Prior to DRK, Stephanie was a fellow with Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative and was consulting to several different philanthropic and social entrepreneurial ventures. She currently serves on the boards of RefugePoint, Year Up, Project Healthy Children and Partners In Health and also serves on the boards and advises eight DRK portfolio organizations: City Health Works, Clean Energy Trust, Crisis Text Line, D-Rev, Lava Mae, Upstream, Y2Y and Catie’s Closet.

Stephanie co-founded, and remains involved with, three social ventures over the last 15 years. Strategic Grant Partners, a venture capital model of consulting and philanthropic investing, works to create positive futures for children and families in Massachusetts and nationally. Project Healthy Children partners with developing countries to save lives through sustainable and measurable methods of food fortification and supplementation. The Maranyundo Initiative is a boarding school for girls achieving the highest academic performance in the country and a teacher enrichment program in Rwanda. Stephanie also worked in the computer industry at Tandem Computers.

She holds a BA in English and Environmental Studies from Oberlin College and an MBA from Stanford University and lives in Boston.