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Tarun Jotwani

Chairman, Dasra


I am attending the Skoll forum in my capacity as the Chairman of Dasra . Dasra is a India based strategic philanthropy.

I am also the founding partner of London based TKG Investments. TKG is a specialist investment firm focused on debt investing, asset based lending and specialist finance.

Previous to founding TKG, I spent 25 years in investment banking . Until 2012, I was Global Head of Markets and CEO, EMEA at Nomura Securities. I served as Exec VP on the board of Nomura Securities, Tokyo.

Previous to that , I spent 13 years at Lehman Bros International, in Tokyo, Mumbai and London.
At different times I was CEO for Lehman, India; Head of Fixed Income for Europe and Head of Fixed Income Asia-Pac.

Previous to that I spent 8 years at Morgan Stanley in New York and Tokyo.

I have served on various Boards and Committees, both at the banks where I worked as well as at NGO's and Museums/Art Galleries.