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A peaceful society is a necessary precursor for development interventions (i.e. healthcare, education, jobs). Transparency, citizen mobilization, functioning markets and government accountability are critical building blocks to lasting peace.

Desired Equilibrium

Contentions among communities, states and non-state actors are resolved justly through strong peacemaking systems, preventing tensions from escalating into violence. States maintain peace through diplomatic institutions and effective social policies. Communities value the human rights of all groups and successfully hold governments accountable.

Ways Skoll social entrepreneurs are addressing the issue:
  • Shifting norms of violence through peace-based trainings and messaging tools (Afghan Institute of Learning, Search for Common Ground)
  • Addressing the link between regional environments and social unrest (EcoPeace)
  • Tying peace interventions to economic development opportunities (Peaceworks, Roots of Peace, Videre)
  • Advocating for peaceful legislative action to protect from and prevent violent injustice (Crisis Action, International Center for Transitional Justice, Independent Diplomat)