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FLUX, by definition, is not a sudden, unexpected and inherently unwelcome change, but rather a continuous flow. As an operating paradigm, it expresses the fluid nature of relationships, policies, institutions and human beings which are ever changing in non-linear ways. Worldwide, social entrepreneurs are working at the intersections of policy, institutional and behavior change. They are adept at seizing the opportunities present in this fluid environment. They can tack with the shifting winds of economic change, cultural roadblocks and revolutionary political upheavals. They appreciate the complex nature of large-scale change and the interdependent variables that must coalesce to improve the human condition. And, they have the moral imagination to create a new vision of peace and prosperity and hold it in their sights like a beacon as the path to success continuously changes. This year’s Skoll World Forum invites you to explore FLUX, the dynamic environment within which social entrepreneurs navigate uncertainty in their pursuit of large-scale change.




2012 Skoll World Forum