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Thursday, March 30, 2006

How Social Entrepreneurs Are Seizing New Financing Opportunities To Further Change 2. Private Equity And Environmental Sustainability

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Session Description

While rooted in an account of the uptake of particular financing instruments, these case studies go far further to look holistically at the changes adopting new approaches to financing entail.

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14:00 - 15:15 Thursday, March 30

Session leaders

  • Angela Duignan Speaker
    Development Director, Energy4All
    Angela Duignan, is Development Director of Energy4All, the UKs leading authority on community renewables.  Angela graduated from Leeds University in Environmental Science, and completed a Masters from Imperial College in 1998.  Angela has assisted in the development of hydro, wind and biomass projects, and contributed in New Zealand to research into carbon sequestration. Angela is now responsible for developing community owned sustainable energy projects, such as the award winning Baywind Energy Co-Operative in Cumbria, throughout the UK, maximising the social, environmental and economic benefits of renewable projects to communities.  Angela is responsible for launching three new wind co-operatives in the Fens, Aberdeenshire, and Westmill in Oxfordshire raising £9 million through public share issues along with a partnership with Findhorn Eco-community. Energy4All has numerous developments in the pipeline to meet public appetite for carbon neutral social enterprise structures as part of a sustainable project.