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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Innovators In Action Masterclass — Social Entrepreneurs in Rural Development

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Session Description

Innovators In Action Masterclasses
Join Skoll social entrepreneurs for a series of lively masterclass discussions on real world innovations from the field. These practitioners generously share their approaches, insights, impact and examples of success. Pick your issue area and take advantage of this opportunity to learn and be inspired!

When | Where

12:40 - 13:40 Wednesday, March 28

Session leaders

  • Master in Arts with an additional degree in Law. Founder and CEO of IDE-India ( IDEI promote solutions to increase small holder farm productivity through market forces. Till date more than 1.5 million house holds have been benefitted from IDEI promoted technologies and services
  • Bunker Roy Speaker
    Founder and Director, Barefoot College
    Bunker Roy’s “real” education started when after being educated in Doon School(1956-1962) and St Stephens College(1962-1967)-he dug open wells for drinking water as an unskilled labourer for 5 years (1967-1971). It is the only College in India built by the poor and managed by the rural poor who earn less than $ 1/day. Almost the only College left in India that respects and practices the work style and life style of Mahatma Gandhi. It is a College where the teacher is the learner and the learner the teacher. It is the only College in India where traditional knowledge and practical skills of the poor are given more importance and priority than paper degrees or qualifications. In the 20 years that the demystified and decentralized community based Barefoot approach has been implemented in over 78 of the Least Developed Countries, a total of 40,000 houses in over 1,000 villages have been solar electrified by nearly 800 illiterate rural grandmothers. Only using sign language in 6 months they are solar engineers. Bunker Roy gave a TED talk at TED Global in Edinburgh in October 2011. 3.5 million hits translated into 45 languages. TED talk 2011 RECOGNITION The Schwab Foundation for Outstanding Social Entrepreneurs, World Economic Forum Switzerland September 2002: The Stockholm Challenge Award Sweden October 2002: Tech Museum California November 2002: St Andrews Prize for the Environment, Scotland May 2003: Tyler Prize April 2004 California USA: The Skoll Foundation 2005: US $ 1 million ALCAN Award for Sustainability 2006: The Sierra Club Green Energy Award :Robert Hill Award For Promotion of Solar Energy Hamburg Germany September 2009 : Asian Excellence Awards, London, November 2011, Social Entrepreneur of the Year. April 2010 identified by TIME magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world Blue Planet Prize Japan November 2011: Clinton Global Citizen Award New York September 2013:
  • Isabel Hilton Speaker
    Writer & Broadcaster,
    Isabel Hilton is a London based writer and broadcaster. She has reported from China, South Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe and has written and presented several documentaries for BBC radio and television. She has authored and co-authored several books and holds honorary doctorates from Bradford and Stirling Universities.
  • Martin Fisher Speaker
    Co-Founder and CEO, KickStart-International
    Martin J. Fisher is Co-Founder & CEO of KickStart International, an award-winning, nonprofit social enterprise that is tackling poverty and building an entrepreneurial middle class in Sub-Saharan Africa. KickStart designs and markets low-cost irrigation pumps that transform small-scale farms into profitable year-round businesses, and have enabled over 1 million people to take a major step out of poverty. Martin holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, and an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, from Stanford University. After graduating in 1985, he received a Fulbright Scholarship to study the connection between technology and development in Kenya. He stayed for 17 years, initially establishing and running a large rural water program and the Appropriate Technology Unit at Action Aid, and in 1991, co-founding KickStart-International (originally ApproTEC) with Nick Moon. Martin is a pioneer in the ‘business solutions for poverty’, ‘technology for development’ and ‘Social Enterprise’ spaces. He has published articles on high impact development and philanthropy, has designed/patented multiple engineering products (for low-cost construction, sanitation, food processing and irrigation). He has been recognized with numerous awards and honors.
  • Paul Rice Speaker
    President & CEO, Fair Trade USA
    Paul Rice is the founder, President and CEO of Fair Trade USA, the leading certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. Since launching the Fair Trade Certified label in 1998, Paul has pushed to innovate and mainstream the Fair Trade movement to improve the lives of farmers and workers around the world. Partnering with over 1,100 U.S. and global companies, Fair Trade USA is rapidly expanding in both food and manufactured products, building more transparent, sustainable supply chains that create shared value for industry, farmers, workers and the planet. With 58% consumer awareness of its label, Fair Trade has generated over $400 million in additional revenue for low-income farming and working families in 70 countries across the globe – helping them put food on the table, keep their kids in school and invest in the future. Paul and his team recently launched Fair Trade for All, an innovative strategy for taking the movement to scale, and announced a $25 million capital campaign to fund the strategy. Paul has been honored for his pioneering work by the World Economic Forum, Clinton Global Initiative, Skoll Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, Ashoka and Fast Company magazine. Paul’s dedication to improving the lives of farming and working families is rooted in 11 years of field work in Nicaragua, where he founded the country’s first Fair Trade, organic coffee export cooperative. Paul holds a BA from Yale University and an MBA from Berkeley-Haas.
  • Willy Foote Speaker
    Founder and CEO, Root Capital
    Willy Foote is founder and CEO of Root Capital, a nonprofit social enterprise that offers farmers around the world a path to prosperity by investing in the agricultural businesses that serve as engines of impact in their communities. Root Capital provides these businesses with the capital, training, and access to markets they need in order to grow, thrive and create opportunities for thousands of farmers at a time. Since its founding in 1999, Root Capital has provided more than $1 billion in loans to 630 agricultural businesses in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Together, these businesses have generated more than $6 billion in revenue, 80 percent of which has been paid directly to the 1.2 million smallholder farmers whose crops they collect and market.Willy is a Skoll Entrepreneur and an Ashoka Global Fellow. He was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2008, one of Forbes’ “Impact 30” in 2011, and was a 2012 Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute. Willy is a co-founder of Tendrel, where he serves on the Board of Directors and is a Champion of the Tendrel Forum.He served for nearly a decade on the Executive Committee of the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), of which Root Capital was a founding member, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). Willy holds an M.S. in development economics from the London School of Economics and a B.A. from Yale University.