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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Partnering with Business

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Session Description

On way to scale up and increase your impact is to develop working relationships with mainstream global businesses. This session explores how agile and innovative entrepreneurs can benefit from such relationships, looking at opportunities and challenges from all sides, and exploring issues such as innovation, finance, scale and mutual benefit. Panellists will represent the health care industry, but the session’s focus on models for change; ways of scaling up new initiatives; and innovative ways to partner, will be relevant to all sectors.

When | Where

10:00 - 12:00 Wednesday, March 28

Session leaders

  • Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, VillageReach
    Born in Cameroon, Blaise Judja-Sato was a successful U.S. businessman until a devastating flood in Mozambique prompted his return to Africa. While helping with relief efforts, he saw both the suffering of the rural poor and the frustration of nongovernmental organizations that could not get medicines across the “last mile” of remote country to those in need. Judja-Sato founded VillageReach (VR) because he recognized that the solution involved building a reliable “pipeline” infrastructure. He also realized that these last-mile barriers affected industries and others who might be willing to pay into a shared system that benefited everyone. Blaise remains on the board of VillageReach however, over the past few years, he has increasingly been dedicating resources to the development of innovative, scalable solutions to help: (1) raise awareness on the world’s most pressing challenges; and (2) enable donors, and the advisors and institutions serving them, to become more strategic and effective in reaching their philanthropic objectives. For more information, please contact him at
  • President, Global Development Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Dr. Chris Elias, leads the Gates Foundation’s efforts in integrated and innovative delivery, finding creative new ways to ensure solutions and products get into the hands of people in developing countries who need them most. Dr. Elias’s professional background is in health and medicine, most recently having served as the president and CEO of PATH, an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of people around the world by advancing technologies, strengthening systems, and encouraging healthy behaviors. Dr. Elias holds an MD from Creighton University and an MPH from the University of Washington. He was a fellow in the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Creighton University. Elias currently serves on various advisory boards, including the Nike Foundation and the Duke Global Health Institute.
  • Manager, Social Innovation, Twitter
    Claire Diaz Ortiz leads social innovation at Twitter. She manages Twitter’s philanthropic, social good, and cause marketing initiatives, including the Twitter for Non-Profits programme.  She is the author of 'Twitter for Good: Change the World, One Tweet at a Time'.
  • Hannah Kettler Speaker
    PhD Economist, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Hannah Kettler is an economist and senior program officer on the Global Health Advocacy team at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She is responsible for a portfolio of grants and projects that aim to secure adequate financing and a supportive policy environment for global health product innovation and introduction. Given the important role that for-profit companies in both the north and south play in product development, much of her work is focused on reducing risks, and designing of financial incentives and business models to encourage greater private sector company engagement. Prior to joining the Gates Foundation in March 2003, Hannah led a two year Rockefeller Foundation funded project titled “Biotechnology and Global Health” at the Institute for Global Health at the University of California San Francisco. The recommendations and evidence base created in this project motivated BIO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to establish BIO Ventures for Global Health in 2004.
  • John Schaetzl Speaker
    Health Care Analyst, GE Asset Management
    John joined SustainAbility’s Board of Directors in 2008. As the Lead Non-Executive Director, he is responsible for chairing board meetings and assuring corporate governance complying with all regulatory requirements and, most importantly, monitoring fulfillment of SustainAbility’s triple bottom line charter and hybrid structure. He also provides advice to projects in his areas of experience including healthcare, investing and corporate management. John retired from General Electric Asset management after a decade of healthcare investing. Prior to that he was an executive with Bayer Pharmaceuticals, a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry and a University teacher and administrator. John is the co-author of Practical Politics and American Government (McMillan) and Project 18: Effectively Educating Young Voters (Edinboro).
  • Maggie De Pree Speaker
    Co-Founder , The League of Intrapreneurs
    I am an entrepreneur and mother who believes in the power of human agency – the ability for people to choose to make a difference in the world. I work with global corporations, entrepreneurs and citizens to foster market-based solutions to societal challenges, including climate change, energy security and health care. I recently co-founded the League of Intrapreneurs, a global movement for corporate social intrapreneurs - people inside companies driving systemic change on societal issues. Prior to founding the Human Agency, I was Director of Imaginals and also served as Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at SustainAbility, a leading corporate responsibility advisory firm. In 2008, I had the fortune of co-authoring a skoll-funded report with John Elkington -- The Social Intrapreneur: A Field Guide for Corporate Changemakers. I am an American living in Oxfordshire with my husband and 3 year-old daughter.