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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Working at the Grassroots Level: Shared Challenges, Lessons Learned

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Session Description

Organisations and infrastructure are for the most part undersized to tackle the scope of problems social entrepreneurs need to address. In this interactive workshop, delegates will be encouraged to share the challenges they face and the lessons they have learned to address obstacles and to create effective strategies for organisational growth and impact.

When | Where

10:00 - 12:00 Wednesday, March 28

Session leaders

  • Eric Archambeau Speaker
    Wellington Partners, Co-founder, Social-Impact International
    Eric has extensive high tech management experience in Silicon Valley and Europe. He is widely known for his deep insights and experience in social networking, data mining and electronic marketplaces. A French native, he enjoys over 20 years of founding, financing, and investing in young technology companies.
  • Peter Wheeler Speaker
    IPValue, Co-founder, Social-Impact International
    Peter Wheeler is chairman of the board for IPVALUE Management. Peter was instrumental in founding IPVALUE in 2001 when he was a managing director of iFormation Group, a company created by The Boston Consulting Group, General Atlantic Partners and Goldman Sachs. Currently based in London, Peter spent 15 years as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs, becoming a partner in 1994. More recently, Peter was a managing director in Goldman Sachs' London office, where he was responsible for the firm's investment banking relationships with a number of major global corporations based in Europe. In 1991, Peter established Goldman Sachs' investment banking practice in Hong Kong covering all of Asia excluding Japan, and continued to lead and develop this business until his return to Europe at the end of 1998. Peter began his career with Goldman Sachs New York in 1985 in domestic corporate finance. Peter is actively involved in several innovative non-profit businesses in the UK including New Philanthropy Capital, Charity Technology Trust and Kids Company. Peter holds an undergraduate degree with honors in english language and literature from Christ Church, Oxford, England.