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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Engaging Stakeholders For Sustainable Impact

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Session Description

Stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of any social venture, yet exceedingly difficult to “get right”. This interactive workshop will examine the multi-faceted topic of stakeholder engagement spanning beneficiaries to customers to board members to employees. This session will provide practitioners with concrete tools and resources to help them analyse and improve the extent to which stakeholder engagement supports or hinders their organisation’s social impact.

When | Where

10:45 - 12:15 Thursday, March 26

Session leaders

  • Lindsay Miller Speaker
    Strategy Consultant, Public Equity Group
    Lindsay completed the Oxford MBA as a Skoll Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship in 2008 after an early career in education and children’s mental health. Since then, she has consulted with numerous US-based and international social enterprises, supporting clients in new business development, strategic planning, organizational change, resource development, evaluation, fundraising and more. Current and past clients span the venture philanthropy, peacekeeping, education, food service, apparel, prison reform and job creation sectors. Lindsay has worked extensively with REDF, a Bay Area-based foundation addressing workforce development for people facing barriers to work, to develop web based resources and tools for nonprofits interested in using social enterprise to create jobs. She has served as the Executive Director and now Board Vice President of a nonprofit organization in Hood River, OR working on sustainable community development, promoting local business development that enhances community, economy and environment.
  • Vincent Dawans Speaker
    Partner, Virtue Ventures LLC
    Vincent Dawans is a Partner at Virtue Ventures, LLC. Building on extensive experience in the private sector, Vincent supports nonprofits and social enterprises to improve performance through the strategic implementation of cost-effective technology and streamlined systems. Vincent has worked with Dow Corning Europe; Future Enterprises Inc., business training and technology training company; and Plural Inc., a technology and management-consulting firm to internet based companies, where his clients included Nasdaq Online,, and He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and master’s degree in Business Management from ICHEC Business School.