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Friday, March 27, 2009

Everything You Need To Know About Partnering With The Private Sector

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Session Description

Liam Black, one of the UK’s serial social entrepreneurs, leads this interactive workshop addressing the practical ins and outs of partnering with business. Liam has facilitated social venture partnerships with Thorn/Emi, DSG, Lego, RBS, and most recently Bank of America. Joined by Amy Clarke, Senior VP for Social Investment at Bank of America, this workshop will help you identify potential partners in your ecosystem, hone your relationship building capabilities, and leverage private sector partnerships to maximize your social impact.

When | Where

10:45 - 12:15 Friday, March 27

Session leaders

  • Amy Clarke Speaker
    Head of Private Clients, Charities Aid Foundation UK
    Amy is an award winning senior leader and Head of Private Clients (previously Head of Advisory) at the Charities Aid Foundation. She has 20 years experience in sustainable business, social capital management, and impact advisory and investing in consultancy, charity and industry. She has held several senior positions heading up sustainability and corporate responsibility teams at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Microsoft, as well as a specially designated Executive Director position at a leading environmental behaviour change charity. Amy is a hands on business woman with a passion for driving sustainable financial growth through social innovation and intra and entrepreneurship. An alchemist at heart who recognises the strength of colliding different skills, different experiences and different resources to achieve breakthrough impact. In her current role, Amy heads up a team of 18 private client advisors, managing over 2500 major donors from around the world, and stewarding over £0.7bn of philanthropic and social investment capital, helping clients invest in high impact partners across a broad and diverse range of economic, social and environmental issues. Amy is a trustee of The Blue Cross, one of the UK's oldest animal rescue charities, and is also part of the Age at Work Leadership Group at Business in the Community (formerly the Prince's Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME), formerly one of HRH The Prince of Wales’s charities and now merged with Business in the Community, another charity established by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales ). Amy was formerly a trustee of PRIME as an independent charity. She has previously held positions as Chair of the Advisory Board for Heropreneurs and as a non executive director for Green Rewards. She has spoken at various conferences globally and is a regular contributor to various print and online media. Amy is one of Spears Top 500 Advisors for 2014 and 2015.
  • Liam Black Speaker
    Chief Encouragement Officer, Wavelength
    Liam is a UK based social entrepreneur, impact investor and writer. He is co-founder and the Chief Encouragement Officer of Wavelength a company with the mission of ‘changing the world for the better through business’. Liam brings together leaders from a wide range of sectors and industries and his clients, members and partners include Rolls Royce, the BBC, Dyson, Lego, IKEA as well a global range of social businesses including Grameen, Aravind, and many community based organisations engaged in finding solutions to some of our societies toughest problems. He has helped create and led a dozen social businesses including Fifteen, which, with Jamie Oliver, he grew into a global brand. He helped create and advises two investment funds: Impact Ventures UK and Ignite (created by energy giant Centrica) which between them are investing £50 million in social innovation. Liam is the author of There’s No Business Like Social Business (2004) and in November 2014 published The Social Entrepreneur’s A to Z: On Anxiety, Leadership and Getting Enough Sleep which draws together the advice he gives the many young entrepreneurs with whom he engages around the world.