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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Speaking Innovation To Power: The Uses And Abuses Of Power In Social Innovation

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Session Description

Speaking innovation to power is a key element of successful, system changing, social innovations. This session will ground the dynamics of challenging and channeling existing power resources to support real change in cases as diverse as helping displaced persons camps in Eritrea, facilitating multi stakeholder collaborations in British Columbia and changing the power dynamics of environmental organisations through the use of global search engines.


When | Where

09:00 - 10:30 Thursday, March 26

Session leaders

  • Astier Almedom Speaker
    Professor of Practice (Fletcher School) and Fellow of the Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University
    Astier M. Almedom, MA, D.Phil., is an applied anthropologist educated at Oxford University (Wadham College). She taught in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (University of London) in the 1990’s; and served in senior management of the UK government National Health Service prior to joining Tufts University as the Henry R. Luce Professor in Science and Humanitarianism. Dr. Almedom is the inaugural Fellow of the Institute for Global Leadership where she directs the International Resilience Program, and Professor of Practice in Humanitarian Policy and Global Public Health (The Fletcher School) at Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA.
  • Frances Westley Speaker
    J. W. McConnell Chair of Social Innovation, University of Waterloo
    Frances Westley is JW McConnell Chair in Social Innovation at University of Waterloo, where she heads up Social Innovation Generation (SiG), a national initiative designed to build capacity for social innovation in Canada. Before joining University of Waterloo in 2007 she was Director of the Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her most recent book entitled Getting to Maybe (Random House, 2006) focuses on the interrelationship of individual and system dynamics in social innovation and transformation. She serves on numerous editorial and organizational boards including: Ecology and Society, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Stockholm Resilience Center, CBSG/IUCN, Evergreen, National Advisory Board NSFLTER. Dr. Westley received her PhD and MA in Sociology from McGill University
  • Thomas Lawrence Speaker
    Weyerhaeuser Professor of Change Management, Simon Fraser University
    Tom Lawrence is the Weyerhaeuser Professor of Change Management, and Director of the CMA Centre for Strategic Change and Performance Measurement at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, which focuses on the organisation of social innovation. He received his PhD in organizational analysis from the University of Alberta in 1993. Tom’s research focuses on the dynamics of power, change and institutions in organisations and organizational fields. He is a co-editor of the recently published, Sage Handbook of Organization Studies, Second Edition, and the soon to be published, Institutional Work: Actors and Agency in Institutional Studies of Organization.
  • Victor Galaz Speaker
    Research Theme Leader, Stockholm Resilience Centre
    Dr Victor Galaz is research theme leader at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. He is a regular contributor in the Swedish public and policy debate about environmental and climate policy. His current research includes studies of international responses to surprising disease outbreaks, and innovations in information and communication technology for early warnings of pending ecological crises.