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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beyond The Single Bottom Line: Pioneers In Blended Value

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Session Description

Mainstream companies are moving beyond gifts to charities and are incorporating social entrepreneurship into their business models. Recognising that social and environmental, as well as financial returns can have direct and positive impacts in a company’s branding, mainstream markets, and employee moral, blended value is replacing the single bottom line approach. This session engages pioneers in blended value practice and examines what it takes from leadership and organisational culture to managing shareholder expectations to truly move beyond the single bottom line.


When | Where

09:00 - 10:30 Thursday, April 15

Session leaders

  • Alberto Vollmer Speaker
    Chairman and CEO, Rum Santa Teresa
    Alberto C. Vollmer is Chairman and CEO of Rum Santa Teresa, Venezuela’s leading premium rum manufacturer. Formerly he was export manager and later led the turnaround of the company. Since 2000, he has managed land invasions, seizures and community leadership in a politically challenging environment. In 2003 he founded Project Alcatraz, a reinsertion program for criminals and has consulted on reinsertion of violent individuals both in Colombia and in El Salvador.
  • Byron Auguste Speaker
    Director, Social Sector Office, McKinsey & Company
    Byron Auguste is a Director at McKinsey & Company, and the global leader of its Social Sector Office, housing worldwide practices in Economic Development, Education, Public Health, and Philanthropy, working with leading intergovernmental organisations, philanthropic foundations, NGOs, and businesses to develop and implement solutions to pressing societal challenges. He has authored one book, numerous articles and speeches on economics, education, technology, and globalisation, and serves on several non-profit and advisory boards addressing these themes.
  • Deborah Holmes Speaker
    Global Director, Corporate Responsibility, Ernst & Young
    Deborah K. Holmes established and leads Ernst & Young‘s Corporate Responsibility function, focused on skill-based volunteerism in the ‘3Es’ – education, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability. From 1996 to 2004, she led Ernst and Young’s award-winning gender equity work. Ms. Holmes, a published author and frequent public speaker, earned her J.D. from Harvard Law School and her B.A. in Government, magna cum laude, from Harvard College. She lives in New York City with her college sweetheart and her two school-aged sons.
  • Jeff Mendelsohn Speaker
    Founder and CEO, New Leaf Paper
    Jeff Mendelsohn founded New Leaf Paper with the mission of inspiring a fundamental shift toward sustainability in the paper industry. Jeff envisions a complete redesign of the industry based on natural systems and sustainable design. Since it was founded in 1998, New Leaf Paper has driven real change in the marketplace through education and product innovation. Jeff is also deeply engaged in expanding the socially responsible business community.
  • Mike Barry Speaker
    Director of Plan A, Marks and Spencer
    Mike is Director of Sustainable Business at the retailer Marks & Spencer. He was part of the small team that in 2007 developed and delivered the company's groundbreaking Plan A, a 100 point, 5 year plan to address a wide range of environmental and social issues. Reporting to the CEO, Mike is responsible for delivering M&S’ aspiration to be the world’s most sustainable retailer. His job is to work with the M&S leadership team to integrate sustainability into the heart of the business across its global retail channels and supply chains. In May 2011 Mike was named the Guardian’s inaugural Sustainable Business Innovator of the Year. He is Chair of the World Environment Center, a Visiting Fellow at the Smith Centre for Enterprise and the Environment at Oxford University, a Senior Associate at the Cambridge Programme for Sustainable Leadership and sits on BiTC’s Environment Leadership Team.