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Friday, April 16, 2010

Climate Change, Societal Demand And Food Security

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Session Description

By 2050, there will be an estimated 2.3 billion more people to feed, one third more than today. Additionally, new sources of food demand have emerged with increased use of food crops for bio fuels. Longstanding under-investment in agriculture, along with sharp increases in fuel and food prices followed by the economic crisis, have driven an estimated 100 million more people into poverty. This session brings together recognised experts and innovators in the field to outline solutions to this looming global threat.


When | Where

11:00 - 12:30 Friday, April 16

Session leaders

  • John Elkington Speaker
    Founder and Executive Chairman, Volans Ventures Ltd
    John Elkington is a writer and thinker, a serial-entrepreneur and an ‘advisor from the future’. John is a world authority on corporate responsibility and sustainable development and is credited with coining the ‘triple bottom line’. In 2004, BusinessWeek described John as “a dean of the corporate responsibility movement for three decades”. John serves on some 30 boards and advisory boards, where a key part of his role is to channel the future into the present across a wide range of disciplines. He is writing his 19th book alongside Jochen Zeitz, former CEO of PUMA and now co-chair, with Sir Richard Branson, of The B Team. The book is provisionally titled The Breakthrough Challenge, exploring ways to institutionalize tomorrow’s bottom
  • Mark Fulton Speaker
    Global Head of Climate Change Investment Research, Deutsche Bank
    Mark Fulton joined Deutsche Bank in 2006 as Global Head of Climate Change Investment Research, DB Climate Change Advisors: New York. Prior to this, he had 29 years of investment experience in senior roles in research and management at Citigroup in the US, Salomon Smith Barney and NatWest in Sydney, Potter Partners in Melbourne and James Capel in London. He has a BA in Philosophy & Economics from Oxford University.
  • Mark Lynas Speaker
    Climate Writer, University of Oxford
    Mark Lynas is author of two best-selling popular books on climate change, High Tide (2004) and Six Degrees (2007), each published in more than a dozen languages. The latter became a National Geographic film seen by millions around the world and won the prestigious Royal Society Prize for Science Books 2008. He is currently a visiting academic at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute and advisor on climate change to the President of the Maldives.
  • Ndidi Nwuneli Speaker
    Director, African Alliance for Capital Expansion
    Ndidi Nwuneli is the cofounder of AACE Foods, a social enterprise which preserves and processes the best fruits and vegetables in West Africa. Before AACE, Ndidi established and managed LEAP Africa, NIA, and the FATE Foundation, leading nonprofit organisations in Nigeria focused on leadership and entrepreneurship. She also worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and diverse international development agencies. Ndidi is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.