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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Structuring Collaboration: Mergers, Partnerships And New Business Models

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Session Description

To achieve impact at scale, social entrepreneurs are inventing new ways to collaborate with a diversified range of partners. This session will share three successful approaches that have led to sustainable scale: merging two social ventures as a means for collaboration and growth; partnering with government, private sector, banks and endusers, and shaping sustainable development practices through new business models such as spin-offs structured for growth and leverage.


When | Where

09:00 - 10:30 Thursday, April 15

Session leaders

  • Andrea Coleman Speaker
    Founder, Riders for Health International
    I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother. I had little schooling as I didn't see the value in it. I preferred to be earning money doing jobs like window cleaning, newspaper delivery and even working in a circus. I love motorcycles and motorcycle racing. Injustice makes me angry, I co-founded Riders for Health with my husband, Barry Coleman. I learned to do fundraising and promotion and building an organisation while Barry worked in Africa to prove our vision that managed transportation - motorcycles and ambulances - and contributing to health systems from a very pragmatic and practical level - is the key to allowing rural communities in Africa access to health care. Disaster struck Riders for Health at the end of 2015 and the Riders UK sank. I founded Two Wheels for Life to continue providing support for Riders for Health International - which reaches 24 million people and runs 2500 vehicles in seven African countries. The support we provide is financancial, mentoring, facilitation and capacity building. True development cannot happen if the culture, the systems and processes are not owned and run by Africans and we give all the support we can to enable Riders for Health International to develop deep roots in the continent for which our innovation was designed and which remains so neglected despite the fact that predictable mobility for goods and services for health care is critical.
  • David Bornstein Speaker
    CEO, Solutions Journalism Network
    David Bornstein is a co-founder of the Solutions Journalism Network, which seeks to legitimize and spread the practice of solutions journalism: rigorous reporting that examines responses to social problems. He has been a newspaper and magazine reporter for 25 years and currently co-authors the “Fixes” column in The New York Times. His books include How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, The Price of a Dream: The Story of the Grameen Bank, and Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know. He lives in New York.
  • Gary White Speaker
    CEO and Co-Founder,
    Gary White is the CEO and Co-founder of, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people in the developing world to gain access to safe water and sanitation. White has led since its founding in 1990 and has positioned it as an innovative leader in the global water supply and sanitation space. He developed’s WaterCredit Program, creating new financing tools for people at the base of the economic pyramid to meet their water supply and sanitation needs. White is a leading advisor in the water and sanitation space, counseling organizations such as the Skoll Foundation, MasterCard Foundation, PepsiCo Foundation, IKEA Foundation and Caterpillar Foundation on responses to the global water crisis. White is a founding board member of the Millennium Water Alliance and Water Advocates. White's educational credentials include three degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Missouri University of Science & Technology.
  • Sue Riddlestone Speaker
    Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Bioregional Development Group
    Sue Riddlestone is Chief Executive of Bioregional, an international Skoll award-winning social enterprise and sustainability charity. Sue co-founded Bioregional in 1994 with her husband Pooran Desai. They initiated the iconic BedZED eco-village in south London, where they live and where Bioregional have their headquarters. Bioregional systematised their approach to create a sustainability framework called One Planet Living which has been used in over $30billion of real-estate development, as well as by municipalities, cities, organisations and companies around the world, including right here in Oxford. Sue and the team are working with partners to create One Planet Communities and eco-products and services which enable us to live a good life with a sustainable carbon footprint, within in the natural limits of our one planet. A new digital platform will enable more people to take action on sustainability in 2017. Bioregional are championing a better way to live. Sue draws on the work of Bioregional and partners to change policy and industry practice from zero carbon policy to eco-towns and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sue was a London Sustainable Development Commissioner from 2002-2014. Sue and Pooran are Skoll and Schwab award winning social entrepreneurs. Sue is a London and SE region winner in the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2013 Sue was awarded an OBE for her work on sustainable business and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Victor d'Allant Speaker
    Founder & CEO, Dallant Networks, LLC
    Paris-born Victor d’Allant is a cultural anthropologist turned digital media practitioner. His work includes field research on French truck drivers in the Middle East, mental health issues in India for the World Health Organization, and agricultural development in Burkina Faso for the World Bank. He is the Founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Dallant Networks, the social enterprise building online communities for large foundations and international organizations. Current and past clients include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Skoll Foundation and the World Bank Institute. He started his career as a photojournalist and his photographs have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. He holds an MA/ABD in social anthropology from the Sorbonne and an MBA from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. His motto: “Only jet. No lag.”