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Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Skoll Awards For Social Entrepreneurship

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Session Description

The Skoll Foundation invites you to revisit the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship where we honour the 2011 Awardees and to celebrate all those who are working to create a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

2011 Awardees included Rebecca Onie of Health Leads, Madhav Chavan of Pratham, Ellen Moir of New Teacher Center and Ned Breslin of Water For People.

Featuring remarks by and the awarding of the Skoll Global Treasure Award to:
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond M. Tutu, Chair, The Elders

Musical performance by:
Peter Gabriel and Baaba Maal

When | Where

17:30 - 19:00 Thursday, March 31

Session leaders

  • Member, Elders, The
    Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a South African Anglican cleric who became one of the central leaders of the global peace movement. An outspoken defender of human rights and campaigner for the oppressed, Tutu's eloquent advocacy and brave leadership lead to the end of South African apartheid in 1993 and the installation of Nelson Mandela as the nation's first black President. The Archbishop has dedicated his life to reshaping conversations about peace, equality and forgiveness. In his role as global peace maker, Tutu earned the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts and now devotes his time with the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation and the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation USA teaching youth the powerful role and voice they play in creating a more compassionate and peaceful world. The Archbishop released a new book, The Book of Forgiving, in March 2014, with daughter Mpho Tutu.
  • Baaba Maal Speaker
    Senegalese singer and star of the world stage Baaba Maal is a man with a mission that extends beyond his music. He is committed to the concerns of families, young people and the future of the African continent, as is reflected in his role as Youth Emissary for the United Nations’ Development Programme. As a solo artist, Baaba Maal has recorded 9 albums and a best of compilation released on the Palm Pictures label in 2005. In June 2009 he released his fourth studio album with Palm, entitled 'Television'. This album is full of life, with modern 'western' elements, collaberating with the New-York based, Brazilan Girls, and legendary songwriter Barry Reynolds. Hypnotic in parts, ascoustically-driven with impeccable vocals from Maal.
  • Rebecca Onie Speaker
    Co-Founder & CEO Emerita, Health Leads
    A MacArthur “Genius” awardee, Rebecca Onie, JD is widely recognized for her sector leadership in addressing patients’ social needs – like heat, food and housing – as part of healthcare delivery. In 1996, as a college sophomore, she co-founded the social enterprise Health Leads to address the blind spot that, while 70% of patients’ health issues are tied to social and environmental factors, our health care system is not structured to address these issues. Prior to joining the Board of Directors, Onie served as CEO for 15 years between 1996 -2000 and 2006 -2017. With its clinical partners, Health Leads creates solutions to equip healthcare institutions – and their physicians and other providers – to “prescribe” food, electricity, and other basic resources their patients need to be healthy, and enabling them to seamlessly connect those patients to existing community resources. From the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to the National Committee for Quality Assurance to the American Hospital Association, key healthcare have tapped Onie’s expertise on how to “operationalize equity” via the intersection of social determinants, population health, and health care delivery.
  • Madhav Chavan Speaker
    Co-Founder, Pratham
    Dr. Madhav Chavan is a full time Board member of Pratham Education Foundation in charge of vocational training programs and digital learning innovations. He co-founded Pratham in 1994. A Ph D in Chemistry from The Ohio State University, he returned to India in 1986 after a three-year stint at the University of Houston as a Post-doctoral Fellow and a Visiting Assistant Professor. He got involved in the National Literacy Mission of India from 1989 and gradually moved away from academia. Dr. Chavan has written songs on women’s issues and one of his songs became the anthem of girls’ education in the state of Maharashtra in 1998. He worked on creation of a popular prime time TV show on adult literacy in 1991 and has been using his media experience in creating learning videos for the Pratham Open School over the last one year. He was the CEO of Pratham till June, 2015. He has been recognized with the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, the WISE Prize – considered the Nobel of Education, and more recently as a Game Changer by the Asia Society.
  • Ellen Moir Speaker
    Founder and CEO, New Teacher Center
    Ellen Moir is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of New Teacher Center (NTC), a national organization dedicated to improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers and school leaders. She is recognized as a passionate advocate for our nation’s newest teachers and for the students they teach. Ellen founded NTC in 1998 to scale high quality teacher induction services to a national audience. NTC strengthens school communities through proven mentoring and professional development programs, online learning environments, policy advocacy, and research. Today NTC has a staff of over 150 who work closely with educators and policymakers across the country. NTC seeks to work in high-poverty schools in underserved communities to ensure that the nation’s low-income, minority, and English language learners, those students most often taught by inexperienced teachers, have the opportunity to receive an excellent education. Ellen is widely recognized for her work in beginning teacher development and school reform. She has extensive experience in public education, having previously served as Director of Teacher Education at the University of California at Santa Cruz and worked as a bilingual teacher. Ellen has been named as a recipient of the 2015 Mary Utne O’Brien Awards for Excellence in Expanding the Evidence-based Practice of Social and Emotional Learning, the 2015 California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (CASCD) Outstanding Instructional Leader award, the 2014 Brock International Prize in Education Laureate, became a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow in 2013, an Ashoka Fellow in 2011, and is a recipient of the 2011 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. Ellen has also co-authored many publications, including Keys to the Classroom and Keys to the Secondary Classroom, New Teacher Mentoring: Hopes and Promise for Improving Teacher Effectiveness, and Blended Coaching: Skills and Strategies to Support Principal Development.
  • Ned Breslin Speaker
    CEO, Tennyson Center for Children
    Ned Breslin is a 2011 winner of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship and currently is the CEO of the Tennyson Center for Children in Denver Colorado. Tennyson is relentlessly focused on reshaping pathways for children who have experienced trauma from abuse and neglect so that they can truly heal and thrive. Tennyson is attacking a broken child welfare system where the outcomes for kids who enter the system - in terms of shockingly low graduation rates, exceedingly high rates of homelessness, addictions and suicide - are simply not acceptable. Ned was the former CEO of Water For People. He was the architect of the Everyone Forever program that is helping to reshape the WASH landscape and forcing scaled solutions that involve all stakeholders in district- and city-wide success. He is a passionate believer in monitoring for impact and improvement, and was the driver of the outcome-focused monitoring program at Water For People that played a role in shifting sector focus from short-term project completion milestones to long-term outcomes focused on sustained water and sanitation service provision and financing, with a view on constant improvement and reflection. Ned worked on WASH in Africa for 16 years on top of his 9 years at Water For People, and embraces the leap from one sector to another as a way to grow as a leader and escape the comforts of a sector (WASH) that he still loves.
  • Sally Osberg Speaker
    As the first President and CEO of the Skoll Foundation, Sally Osberg helped build it into the leading philanthropy in the field of social entrepreneurship. During her tenure, the Foundation supported more than 100 entrepreneurial organizations driving equilibrium change on many of the world’s most pressing problems and developed innovative platforms for connecting civil society, government and private sector leaders with societal problem solvers. Among these platforms are the annual Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, the Skoll Centre at Oxford University’s Said Business School, and the Sundance Institute’s “Stories of Change” initiative. In 2015, Sally and Roger Martin published Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works, which articulates a theoretical framework for social entrepreneurship and distills lessons for practitioners, academics and impact investors. Her thought pieces have appeared in leading social impact and business journals and books; in 2015, she and Roger Martin were honored by Thinkers 50 for their intellectual leadership in the field of social enterprise. Prior to joining Jeff Skoll and the Skoll Foundation, Sally served as the founding Executive Director for Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, a pioneering institution in the field. Sally currently serves as the Chair of the Camfed (the Campaign for Female Education in Africa) USA Foundation, on the Philanthropy Advisory Council of the Royal Bank of Canada, on the Advisory Council of the Elders, and as a board director of the Social Progress Imperative and the Palestine-based Partners for Sustainable Development. She is also an Associate Fellow of the Said Business School of Oxford University. She received her M.A. in English and American Literature from the Claremont Graduate School and her B.A. in English from Scripps College, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Born in Boston, Sally grew up on the east coast but has spent most of her adult life in California. She now lives outside Philadelphia, in Wayne, Pa., within walking distance of her two grandchildren.
  • Peter Gabriel Speaker
    Musician, Real World Records
    Peter Gabriel is a British singer, musician, and songwriter who rose to fame as the lead vocalist and flautist of the progressive rock group Genesis. After leaving Genesis, Gabriel went on to a successful solo career. More recently he has focused on producing and promoting world music and pioneering digital distribution methods for music. He has also been involved in various humanitarian efforts. In 2007 Gabriel was honoured as a BMI Icon at the 57th annual BMI London Awards for his “influence on generations of music makers.” Gabriel was also awarded the Polar Music Prize in 2009 and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Genesis in 2010.
  • Jeff Skoll Speaker
    Founder & Chairman, Jeff Skoll Group
    Jeff Skoll is an entrepreneur devoted to creating a sustainable world of peace and prosperity. Over the last 17 years, he has crafted an innovative portfolio of philanthropic and commercial enterprises, each a distinctive catalyst for changing the trajectory of issues that most affect the survival and thriving of humanity. This portfolio includes the Skoll Foundation, Skoll Global Threats Fund, Participant Media, and Capricorn Investment Group—all coordinated under the Jeff Skoll Group umbrella. The Skoll entrepreneurial approach is unique: driving large-scale, permanent social impact by investing in a range of efforts that integrate powerful stories, data, capital markets, technology, partnerships, and organized learning networks. Operating independently from one another yet deeply connected through a shared vision, Skoll organizations galvanize public will, influence policy, and mobilize resources to accelerate the pace and depth of change. Jeff was the first full-time employee and President of eBay, where he experienced firsthand the power of combining entrepreneurship, technology, and trust in people. His work today embodies those fundamental lessons. All of Jeff’s organizations rely on the premise that people are fundamentally good, and that given the opportunity to do the right thing, they will.