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Friday, April 1, 2011

The World In 25 Years: Megatrends And Context For Large Scale Change

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Session Description

Developments in the global economy, business, demographics, science and technology will define what the world looks like in 25 years. How will these trends shape the complex environment for those working to create large scale change? Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor of The Economist and the acclaimed ‘World In’ series, will host leading thinkers and futurists in a session about megachange over the next 25 years with an emphasis on drivers and inhibitors of social progress.

When | Where

11:00 - 12:30 Friday, April 1

Session leaders

  • Daniel Franklin Speaker
    Executive Editor, The Economist
    Daniel Franklin joined The Economist in 1983 and has been Executive Editor since 2006. He is also Business Affairs Editor, responsible for the newspaper’s coverage of business, finance and science, as well as being Editor of The Economist’s annual publication on the year ahead, The World in... His special report on corporate social responsibility, Just Good Business, was published in 2008.
  • Richard Seymour Speaker
    Founding Partner, Seymourpowell
    As one of Europe’s most accomplished designers, Richard Seymour’s career spans more than 30 years and a huge range of creative disciplines. During this period, he has become a global champion for designled innovation, picking up numerous awards along the way. Much of his time now is spent helping international companies understand what lies before them in the future, and finding ways to ‘rewire’ them to better face these challenges.
  • Stephen Carver Speaker
    Consultant Lecturer, Cranfield University
    Stephen Carver is regularly rated as one of the top lecturers at Cranfield. He has an ability to distill complex ideas into impactful, fun and memorable lectures--often using storytelling and games. Amongst many roles in his lifetime, Stephen has been an oilman, an entrepreneur, a father, a lecturer, an inspirationalist, a mentor and warrior. The one thing that has stayed constant in his life is change.