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Friday, April 1, 2011

Urgent! Scalable Solutions For An Energy-Greedy Planet

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Session Description

The need for alternative sources of renewable energy is an oft-heard call around the world.Yet investment in Europe and the USA in this sector is falling due to the financial crisis, lowgas prices and an uncertain policy environment. China now leads the world in creating a ‘new world order’ in the low-carbon sector, and Japan, South Korea and Mexico are experiencing growing investment in clean technologies. Learn from pioneers in renewable energy, and discuss the politics, economics and behavioural changes that are key to spurring this industry.


When | Where

11:00 - 12:30 Friday, April 1

Session leaders

  • Fiona Harvey Speaker
    Environmental Correspondent, The Guardian
    Fiona Harvey is an award winning environment journalist on The Guardian newspaper. Prior to this, she worked for the Financial Times for more than a decade. She has reported on every major environmental issue, from as far afield as the Arctic and the Amazon, and her wide range of interviewees include Ban Ki-moon, Tony Blair, Al Gore and Jeff Immelt. Her work has garnered awards from the Foreign Press Association, the British Environment and Media Awards, and the Society of Environmental Journalists.
  • Hugo Spowers Speaker
    Lead Partner and Founder, Riversimple LLP
    Hugo Spowers is a partner in Riversimple, LLP. After reading Engineering at Oxford, he spent 15 years in motorsport but left in 1997 to work on environmentally benign cars. He concluded that a step change in technology was both essential and possible and, furthermore, that the principal barriers were not technical but had to do with people, politics and business; the incumbent industry was shaped by the 20th Century and redesigning the business model for providing mobility reduces both barriers and risks.
  • Jeremy Leggett Speaker
    Chairman, Solarcentury
    Jeremy Leggett is founder and chairman of Solarcentury, a solar solutions company that is currently the UK’s fastest growing private energy company, and founder chairman of SolarAid, a development charity set up with Solarcentury profits. He is author of Half Gone, The Carbon War and other books. More details can be found at
  • Founder and Director , The Yansa Foundation
    Sergio Oceransky is the founder and Director of Yansa CIC and The Yansa Foundation, and an Ashoka Fellow. Before launching Yansa, Oceransky was Coordinator of the World Wind Energy Institute, a network of Universities and training centres aimed at democratizing access to wind energy expertise and technology. Previous to this, he spent ten years working with indigenous and peasant community organisations on several continents.
  • Managing Director, Yingli Green Energy Europe GmbH
    Stuart Brannigan is Managing Director of Yingli Green Energy Europe GmbH, subsidiary of Yingli Green Energy Holding Co Ltd. Prior to joining Yingli, Brannigan was the Director of Global Procurement for Phoenix Solar AG. From 1990 to 2005 he served as VP for Europe and Africa at BP Solar. During his tenure at BP Solar, he was elected to the board of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA). For five years he was responsible for representing the PV industry around the world.