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Friday, March 30, 2012

Beyond Charity: From Reports to Returns

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Session Description

Location: Seminar Room A
We know “charity” is insufficient to solve complex social problems: real impact requires integration of social, business and government solutions that show proven results without creating undue burdens on an organisation. Join us in a revolutionary dialogue about reimagining grant reporting, measurement & evaluation, market returns and communicating outcomes to better serve your business in a converging, global market. We will explore recent successes (and failures!), trends in measuring social value propositions and what we can do to drive a paradigm shift in the way we assess, measure and articulate impact.

When | Where

09:00 - 10:30 Friday, March 30

Session leaders

  • Jason Saul Speaker
    Founder and CEO, Mission Measurement
    Jason Saul is one of the nation's leading experts on measuring social impact. He is the Founder and CEO of Mission Measurement which seeks to transform the social sector by measuring and predicting social outcomes. He has advised some of the world's largest corporations, government agencies and nonprofits. In addition to his advisory work helping organizations create value by improving their social impact, Jason serves on the faculty of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, where he teaches corporate social responsibility and nonprofit management. Jason is an award-winning author of numerous books and articles on social strategy and measurement, including: Benchmarking for Nonprofits, Social Innovation, Inc., and The End of Fundraising.
  • Ned Breslin Speaker
    CEO, Tennyson Center for Children
    Ned Breslin is a 2011 winner of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship and currently is the CEO of the Tennyson Center for Children in Denver Colorado. Tennyson is relentlessly focused on reshaping pathways for children who have experienced trauma from abuse and neglect so that they can truly heal and thrive. Tennyson is attacking a broken child welfare system where the outcomes for kids who enter the system - in terms of shockingly low graduation rates, exceedingly high rates of homelessness, addictions and suicide - are simply not acceptable. Ned was the former CEO of Water For People. He was the architect of the Everyone Forever program that is helping to reshape the WASH landscape and forcing scaled solutions that involve all stakeholders in district- and city-wide success. He is a passionate believer in monitoring for impact and improvement, and was the driver of the outcome-focused monitoring program at Water For People that played a role in shifting sector focus from short-term project completion milestones to long-term outcomes focused on sustained water and sanitation service provision and financing, with a view on constant improvement and reflection. Ned worked on WASH in Africa for 16 years on top of his 9 years at Water For People, and embraces the leap from one sector to another as a way to grow as a leader and escape the comforts of a sector (WASH) that he still loves.
  • Zika Abzuk Speaker
    Senior Manager, Cisco
    Zika Abzuk leads Cisco's social investments commitments in Israel, Palestine & Sub-Saharan Africa. Her most exciting recent projects include the management of a $10 million Cisco investment commitment in five African countries, and a $10 million investment commitment in the Palestinian Territories. In December 2010, Cisco received the Award for Corporate Excellence from the State Department for Zika's team work in Israel and Palestine. Zika initiated and managed the Neta and MYTecC programmes and various other programmes in EMEA.