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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Framework Change: Re-Examining Your Personal Theory of Change

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Session Description

Your life’s journey will be the focus of this workshop. Setting the stage with Bill Drayton’s explanation of the single greatest challenge facing us all and continuing with concrete examples of how societal transformation begins from within, your personal journey will provide the backdrop for an interactive exercise that will take you from being an agent of change to one who helps others to be changemakers. You will walk away with a practical theory of change that will help you pass on your experiences and discover how to unleash people’s potential and their ability to affect and sustain change themselves.

When | Where

13:15 - 14:30 Wednesday, April 10 Rhodes Trust Lecture Theatre

Session leaders

  • Vice President, Global Marketing, Ashoka
    Beverly Schwartz is an ‘entrepreneurial’ behavioural scientist and author of 'RIPPLING: How Social Entrepreneurs Spread Innovation Throughout the World.' As the Vice President of Global Marketing for Ashoka, she has an extensive career in marketing for the private, non-profit and public sector and has devoted her career to working on some of the world’s most challenging domestic and international social issues. Beverly is a Board of Trustee member for the National Hospice Association and a Board member of the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation.
  • Henry De Sio Speaker
    Leadership Group Member and Global Chair, Frame Change, Ashoka
    Henry De Sio served as deputy assistant to President Barack Obama and he was the 2008 Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Obama for America. At Ashoka, Henry is pioneering framework change efforts aimed at facilitating the global societal shift to Everyone A Changemaker – with a specific emphasis on preparing our youth to step confidently as innovators and leaders into today’s fast-changing world. De Sio is the author of the book, "Campaign Inc.: How Leadership and Organization Propelled Barack Obama to the White House" (University of Iowa Press; September 2014).
  • Bill Drayton Speaker
    Founder and CEO, Ashoka
    Bill Drayton is a social entrepreneur with a long record of founding organizations and public service. As the founder and CEO of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, Bill Drayton has pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship, growing a global association of over 3,900 leading social entrepreneurs who work together to create an ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ world. Ashoka Fellows bring big systems-change to the world’s most urgent social challenges. Over half have changed national policy within five years of launch. As a student, he founded organizations ranging from Yale Legislative Services to Harvard’s Ashoka Table, an inter-disciplinary weekly forum in the social sciences. After graduation from Harvard, he received an M.A. from Balliol College in Oxford University. In 1970, he graduated from Yale Law School. He worked at McKinsey & Company for ten years and taught at Stanford Law School and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. While serving the Carter Administration as Assistant Administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency, he launched many reforms including emissions trading, a fundamental change in regulation that is now the basis of much global as well as US regulatory law, including in fields beyond the environment. Bill launched Ashoka in 1980; in 1984, he used the stipend he received when elected a MacArthur Fellow to devote himself fully to Ashoka. Bill is Ashoka’s Chief Executive Officer. He also chairs Ashoka’s Youth Venture, Community Greens, and Get America Working! Bill has won numerous awards and honors throughout his career. He has been selected one of America’s Best Leaders by US News & World Report and Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership. In 2011, Drayton won Spain's prestigious Prince of Asturias Award, Other awards include Honorary Doctorates from Yale, NYU and more.