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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Film Screening: The Square

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Session Description

The Square: The Story of Revolution Behind the Headlines

From the 2011 overthrow of a 30-year dictator through the military removal of the Muslim Brotherhood president in 2013, we follow a group of Egyptian activists as they risk their lives to build a new society of conscience, witnessing up close the immense sacrifice they endure on the road to freedom. Q&A with Jeff Skoll, Jim Berk, Jawad Nabulsi and Jehane Noujaim, Director, The Square.

When | Where

21:30 - 23:30 Thursday, April 10 New Theatre

Session leaders

  • Jeff Skoll Speaker
    Founder & Chairman, Jeff Skoll Group
    Jeff Skoll is an entrepreneur devoted to creating a sustainable world of peace and prosperity. Over the last 17 years, he has crafted an innovative portfolio of philanthropic and commercial enterprises, each a distinctive catalyst for changing the trajectory of issues that most affect the survival and thriving of humanity. This portfolio includes the Skoll Foundation, Skoll Global Threats Fund, Participant Media, and Capricorn Investment Group—all coordinated under the Jeff Skoll Group umbrella. The Skoll entrepreneurial approach is unique: driving large-scale, permanent social impact by investing in a range of efforts that integrate powerful stories, data, capital markets, technology, partnerships, and organized learning networks. Operating independently from one another yet deeply connected through a shared vision, Skoll organizations galvanize public will, influence policy, and mobilize resources to accelerate the pace and depth of change. Jeff was the first full-time employee and President of eBay, where he experienced firsthand the power of combining entrepreneurship, technology, and trust in people. His work today embodies those fundamental lessons. All of Jeff’s organizations rely on the premise that people are fundamentally good, and that given the opportunity to do the right thing, they will.
  • Jim Berk Speaker
    CEO, Participant Media
    Jim Berk is CEO of Participant Media, a global entertainment company founded in 2004 that focuses on socially relevant film, television, publishing and digital content. Participant’s 50+ films include AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, WAITING FOR SUPERMAN, THE HELP, CONTAGION and LINCOLN. Since Jim joined in 2006, Participant has evolved into a diversified entertainment company with an expanded film slate, two film financing funds and a Spanish-language film label, in addition to Pivot, the company’s new television channel targeting Millennials, Participant's digital network,, and a portfolio of media investments. Prior to Participant, Jim led companies including Gryphon Colleges, Fairfield Communities, Hard Rock Cafe Intl and The Grammy Foundation, in addition to working at Rank Group. Jim began his career in education, serving as a teacher, and eventually becoming the youngest high school principal in the history of the Los Angeles Unified School District.
  • Jehane Noujaim Speaker
    Director / Producer, Noujaim Films
    Jehane Noujaim is an Egyptian-American filmmaker who has worked on countless award winning documentaries. Before graduating from Harvard, she was awarded the Gardiner Fellowship for Mokattam, an Arabic film she directed about a garbage-collecting village near Cairo, Egypt. She then produced, which won many awards including the DGA and IDA awards for best director. Jehane's 2004 film, Control Room, opened in theaters internationally and broke box office records for a documentary on Middle East Affairs. The Square, Jehane's Oscar nominated film chronicling the heart of the Egyptian revolution, is her 5th feature-length documentary. The Square was the recipient of several awards including the audience awards at Sundance, Toronto, and Dubai Film Festival and the IDA award for best documentary.