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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Can Digital Innovations Unlock Partnerships to Scale Impact?

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Session Description

Digital tools offer the promise of efficiently reaching the underserved—especially as more communities become accessible through mobile phones and the Internet. But when is technology more of a distraction than an asset for a social entrepreneur? When can digitizing finance or operations excite or require the engagement of an institutional partner? This panel will explore practical solutions that are being implemented at scale through multi-sector partnerships aimed at addressing stakeholders’ social, economic, and environmental needs.


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10:45 - 12:00 Thursday, April 14 SBS, Rhodes Trust Lecture Theatre

Session leaders

  • Robert Annibale Moderator
    Global Director of Inclusive Finance, Citigroup, Inc.
    Bob Annibale Global Director, Citi Community Development and Inclusive Finance Bob leads Citi’s partnerships with global, national and local organizations to expand financial inclusion and economic opportunity for financially underserved individuals, families and communities. As the founder and head of Citi Inclusive Finance, he works across Citi’s businesses and geographies to expand access to financial services through product design and innovation, commercial relationships with microfinance and other inclusive financial institutions, corporations, social enterprises, investors and municipalities. Since joining Citi in 1982, Bob has held a number of senior regional and global treasury, risk and corporate positions in Athens, Bahrain, Nairobi, London and New York City. Bob is a member of the Policy Committee of the Centre for the Study of African Economies, at the University of Oxford, and represents Citi on the boards of Accion, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, the Citi Foundation and the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (FDIC) Advisory Committee on Economic Inclusion. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). In 2014, Bob was honored as a White House Champion of Change for his work leading Citi’s programs promoting immigrant integration and citizenship in the U.S. Also in 2017, Bob was named by the Financial Times as one of the OUTStanding Top 100 LGBT Business Leaders for the fourth consecutive year. Bob, a U.S. and U.K. national, holds a B.A. in History and Political Science from Vassar College, New York, and an M.A. in African Studies (History) from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies.
  • Andrea Coleman Speaker
    Founder, Riders for Health International
    I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother. I had little schooling as I didn't see the value in it. I preferred to be earning money doing jobs like window cleaning, newspaper delivery and even working in a circus. I love motorcycles and motorcycle racing. Injustice makes me angry, I co-founded Riders for Health with my husband, Barry Coleman. I learned to do fundraising and promotion and building an organisation while Barry worked in Africa to prove our vision that managed transportation - motorcycles and ambulances - and contributing to health systems from a very pragmatic and practical level - is the key to allowing rural communities in Africa access to health care. Disaster struck Riders for Health at the end of 2015 and the Riders UK sank. I founded Two Wheels for Life to continue providing support for Riders for Health International - which reaches 24 million people and runs 2500 vehicles in seven African countries. The support we provide is financancial, mentoring, facilitation and capacity building. True development cannot happen if the culture, the systems and processes are not owned and run by Africans and we give all the support we can to enable Riders for Health International to develop deep roots in the continent for which our innovation was designed and which remains so neglected despite the fact that predictable mobility for goods and services for health care is critical.
  • Andrew Youn Speaker
    Founder and Director, One Acre Fund
    Andrew Youn started One Acre Fund in 2006. One Acre Fund only serves smallholder farmers in East Africa – and provides farm inputs, finance, and training that boosts farm profits by 50%. One Acre Fund has 6,000 staff who serve 600,000+ families per year, plus 750,000+ more families via partnership. The organization will double in size by 2020, and aims to be the most impactful distribution network for life-improving goods in rural Sub-Saharan Africa. Andrew graduated from Yale magna cum laude, is a former management consultant at Oliver Wyman, and received his MBA from Kellogg School of Management.
  • Jason Lamb Speaker
    Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Jason Lamb is the Deputy Director, Digital Enabling Environment in the Financial Services for the Poor initiative at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Prior to joining the foundation in November 2009, Jason spent 6 years at Washington Mutual Bank where he managed the Consumer Checking portfolio, product strategy, and team. In addition, he spent time managing the operational risk strategy for the retail bank and as an organizational consultant to the Executive Committee and their teams. Jason gained experience in the financial institutions sector during his seven years at McKinsey & Company, where he spent time advising banks in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and North America. He was a founding member of the McKinsey Budapest office. Jason holds a BA in Economics and History from the University of California, Davis and an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.
  • Treasurer, SABMiller plc
    NAME : Luis Manuel Guzmán Pardo Figueroa ORGANIZATION : SABMiller – UCP Backus & Johnston SAA (Peru Operation) TITLE : Treasury Director Economist MBA in Peruvian University