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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lunchtime Delegate-Led Discussions

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Session Description

Grab a portable lunch and join peer-to-peer lunchtime discussions of subjects suggested by fellow Skoll World Forum delegates. Discussions begin at 11:45am.

Dark Money, Politics… and Corruption: Who Will Tell the Story?
Politicians, businesses, and criminals all have vested interests in who runs a country. We will explore how civil society can reveal and explain the networks behind these forces, and how these collective efforts can best be supported by partnerships, technology, and funding.
Drew Sullivan, OCCRP

What Every Organization Needs in an ‘Everyone A Changemaker World
Join an interview with Ashoka Founder, Bill Drayton, to explore insights and patterns in adaptable organizations, social entrepreneur leadership, hiring practices, career tracking, team and strategy development.
Bill Drayton, Ashoka

Defining Metrics: Measuring the Impact of Female Leadership
In the private sector, data exists on the impact that female leaders have on the performance of the company. What are the performance metrics we need to understand the impact of female leaders in the social sector?
Brittany Boettcher, Skoll Foundation

Building Clever Coalitions
Amidst political disorder, how can campaigners stay focused on impact and avoid consensus thinking? Come discuss how to build flexible, bespoke coalitions, organised for impact.
Nick Martlew, Crisis Action

Transforming Conservation
Global ecosystem health and species diversity face unprecedented threats. Traditional conservation approaches are struggling to deliver transformative impact. What are new ways of practicing conservation?
Alasdair Harris, Blue Ventures

Creative Confidence
How to embrace empathy, grit, and relentless optimism in combination with your knowledge and experience to make the world a better place.
Colleen Cassity, Oracle Corporation Foundation

Designing Agricultural Solutions that Work for Women & Youth
How to increase inclusive agricultural solutions and financing for women and youth, the backbone of smallholder farmers.
Anushka Ratnayake, myAgro

Development Assistance for Health: Maximizing Private Funding
With the anticipated reduction in public sector funding for global health, and the shortcomings of traditional private sector donor models, how can we maximize private sector funding? What mechanisms can advance the design and impact of development assistance for health?
Peter Navario, HealthRight International

Social Impact Bonds: Feasibility & Implementation
Learn how mothers2mothers and D.Capital have partnered to launch the Impact Bond Investment Fund SIB to fund early childhood development programming in South Africa. What challenges and opportunities are ahead for this 3.5 year, $3.75 million partnership?
David Torres, mothers2mothers

Addressing Spinal Health Disability
Spinal pain affects 1 billion people and disproportionately affects vulnerable communities. The shift in the global burden of disease from communicable to non-communicable diseases makes it essential to raise the profile and discuss these challenges.
Scott Haldeman, World Spine Care

Systems Thinking to Enhance Strategic Leadership
Share insights and challenges of employing systems analysis and systems mapping. Where can systems tools and practices enable high-leverage engagement opportunities, adaptive leadership, and deeper analysis?
Karen Grattan, Omidyar Group

Accelerating Private Sector Sustainability Leadership
Private sector leadership is crucial to transition to a low-carbon, clean energy economy. Explore how capital market leaders can engage governments on social and environmental issues in a challenging political time.
Mindy Lubber, Ceres *Note this discussion was moved from Wednesday lunch*

When | Where

11:45 AM - 01:00 PM Thursday, April 6 Said Business School

Session leaders

  • Co-Founder and Editor, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
    Drew Sullivan is the Editor and co-founder of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), a global non-profit media house and technology platform. OCCRP is the developer of Aleph, an investigative data platform, Investigative Dashboard, a global research tool, and VIS, a social network visualization system and other tools. He founded and is Executive Director of the Journalism Development Network, an innovative media development organization with programs worldwide. He also founded and edited the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has served on the board of directors of Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, Investigative Reporters and Editors, CIN and the National Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting. As a journalist and editor, his teams have been awarded the European Press Prize (winner and three time finalist), the Global Shining Light (four time winner), the Daniel Pearl Award (two times); the Online Journalism Award for investigative reporting (two times); the Tom Renner Award for Crime Reporting (two times) and many other international awards. Before becoming a journalist, he was an aerospace engineer on the Space Shuttle Project for Rockwell International Space Systems. He was also a professional standup comedian.
  • CEO, Engaging Inquiry
    Karen is a senior consultant who is best known for her practice of accompanying impact-focused organizations as they endeavor to stimulate and scale sustainable social and organizational change. Karen has over 25 years of experience as a weaver of methods and approaches, and especially loves designing novel analytics embedded within participatory organizational processes. Her recent work focuses on applying system thinking and complexity principles to the design and execution of adaptive strategies for dealing with messy problems. Karen is the founder and CEO of Engaging Inquiry, LLC based in Fairfax, VA. Engaging Inquiry is a “purpose-built” company that focuses on facilitating organizational learning and adaptive leadership capacity in organizations working on some of the world’s toughest problems. Examples of EI’s clients include The Omidyar Group, The Skoll Foundation, Democracy Fund, Humanity United, The American Leadership Forum, USAID, DOD, and DOS, among others. EI brings to its clients the tools and practices for assessment, program design, monitoring, and evaluation, and a deep knowledge and experience base in a variety of research and analytic approaches, both quantitative and qualitative. Prior to her relocation to the DC area, she spent 16 years designing, implementing and managing research programs at Duke and Carolinas health care systems in North Carolina. She has degrees in public health, organizational learning and development, as well as conflict analysis and resolution.
  • President, Ceres
    Mindy S. Lubber is the CEO, President, and founding board member of Ceres, a non-profit organization that is mobilizing many of the world’s largest investors and companies to take stronger action on climate change, water scarcity and other global sustainability challenges. She directs Ceres’ Investor Network on Climate Risk and Sustainability, a group of 130 institutional investors managing over $17 trillion in assets focused on the business risks and opportunities of climate change. Mindy also oversees engagements with 100-plus companies, many of them Fortune 500 firms, working towards improving their commitments to sustainable business practices and the urgency for strong climate and clean energy policies. Under Mindy’s leadership, Ceres launched The 21st Century Corporation: The Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability and The 21st Century Investor: Ceres Blueprint for Sustainable Investing, visionary guides highlighting environmental and social performance improvements companies and investors must achieve to succeed in the resource-constrained 21st century global economy. In 2016, Mindy received the Climate Visionary Award from the Earth Day Network, and the William K. Reilly Award for Environmental Leadership from the Center for Environmental Policy at American University. The December 2015 online edition of Vogue Magazine featured Mindy as one of their “Climate Warriors”, one of the top 13 women advancing the Paris Climate Agreement at the UN Conference at COP21. In 2010, Mindy was honored by the United Nations and the Foundation for Social Change as one of the “World’s Top Leaders of Change” for her work in mobilizing leading companies to integrate environmental challenges into core business strategies. She is a recipient of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship and was named one of “The 100 Most Influential People in Corporate Governance” by Directorship magazine.
  • UK Director, Crisis Action
    Nick has been Crisis Action's UK Director since 2014, having joined them from Save the Children in 2013. Crisis Action is a Skoll awardee that works behind the scenes to build bespoke coalitions for the protection of civilians in wars. This means Nick gets to work with some of the best humanitarian, human rights, and peacebuilding activists around the world, as well as a wider global network, connecting them into powerful, tailor-made coalitions that compel the powerful to protect people in war zones like Syria, Yemen, and South Sudan. Before joining Crisis Action, Nick cut his teeth with Oxfam and Save the Children building effective campaigns to help people fearing for their lives in Syria, Libya, Somalia, DR Congo and the hunger crises in East and West Africa. Nick has recently written Creative Coalitions: A Handbook for Change, making Crisis Action’ s unique model available for others to apply in their efforts to change the world. You can find out more and download a preview pdf at Twitter: SadMartlew Email:
  • Executive Director, Blue Ventures
    Alasdair Harris is the executive director of Blue Ventures, which works to develop transformative approaches for catalyzing and sustaining locally led marine conservation. Al is a TED Fellow, an Ashoka Fellow, and 2015 winner of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Founder & CEO, myAgro
    I'm the Founder and CEO of myAgro. I've worked in rural Africa since mid-2008, helping to increase food security and market access for small-scale farmers. The last 5 years we grew to 34,000 farmers. In the next three we'll serve 200,000 farmers in at least 3 countries. Prior to starting myAgro, I developed key components of One Acre Fund’s core operation model, created management-training programs and traveled across Africa and South Asia in search of innovations in the microfinance and agricultural sectors. Before joining One Acre Fund, I was an early employee of and created the Kiva Fellows Program.
  • Founder and CEO, Ashoka
    Bill Drayton is a social entrepreneur with a long record of founding organizations and public service. As the founder and CEO of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, Bill Drayton has pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship, growing a global association of over 3,900 leading social entrepreneurs who work together to create an ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ world. Ashoka Fellows bring big systems-change to the world’s most urgent social challenges. Over half have changed national policy within five years of launch. As a student, he founded organizations ranging from Yale Legislative Services to Harvard’s Ashoka Table, an inter-disciplinary weekly forum in the social sciences. After graduation from Harvard, he received an M.A. from Balliol College in Oxford University. In 1970, he graduated from Yale Law School. He worked at McKinsey & Company for ten years and taught at Stanford Law School and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. While serving the Carter Administration as Assistant Administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency, he launched many reforms including emissions trading, a fundamental change in regulation that is now the basis of much global as well as US regulatory law, including in fields beyond the environment. Bill launched Ashoka in 1980; in 1984, he used the stipend he received when elected a MacArthur Fellow to devote himself fully to Ashoka. Bill is Ashoka’s Chief Executive Officer. He also chairs Ashoka’s Youth Venture, Community Greens, and Get America Working! Bill has won numerous awards and honors throughout his career. He has been selected one of America’s Best Leaders by US News & World Report and Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership. In 2011, Drayton won Spain's prestigious Prince of Asturias Award, Other awards include Honorary Doctorates from Yale, NYU and more.
  • Senior Program Manager, Skoll Foundation
    Brittany Boettcher joined the Skoll Foundation in 2006 and currently serves as Senior Program Manager for the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship, the foundation’s flagship grantmaking program. As Senior Program Manager, Brittany focuses on strategically identifying social entrepreneurs for the Skoll Awards that are poised to have large-scale impact on the world’s most pressing problems. Prior to her work at the Skoll Foundation, she attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. During her time in Boulder, Brittany served as the volunteer coordinator at the International English Center (IEC) where she recruited and managed a community of volunteers to enhance cultural experience and conversational English skills for international students. Brittany holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a minor in Japanese language and culture and earned a Masters in Business Administration with a focus in sustainable business practices from the Presidio Graduate School.
  • Executive Director, Oracle Corporation Foundation
    Colleen Cassity is Executive Director of the Oracle Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization funded by Oracle and committed to helping students develop the technical acumen, creative confidence, empathy, and grit to become outstanding designers of solutions to people’s needs and the world’s problems. The Foundation’s program engages Oracle employees as volunteer instructors, who coach high school students through multi-day workshops at the intersection of STEAM disciplines and design thinking. Workshops teach coding, electronics, and user-centered design. Workshops culminate in design challenges in domains such as Wearable Technology, IoT, 3D Design and Production, and Data Visualization. Students use their new skills and knowledge, plus design thinking, to prototype solutions for real users. In addition to managing the Foundaion, Colleen oversees Oracle Giving, which annually donates approximately US$14 million in cash to nonprofit organizations around the world working to advance Education, protect the Environment, and enrich Community life. Colleen also directs the Oracle Volunteers program, through which 30,000+ employees in 45 countries annually donate approximately 100,000 hours to 500+ nonprofits working in Education, Environment and Community. She is editor of the biennial Oracle Corporate Citizenship Report and supervises external reporting on corporate social responsibility (CSR), including philanthropy, volunteerism, and sustainability.
  • Executive Director, HealthRight International
    Peter Navario is the Executive Director of HealthRight, a global health NGO dedicated to ensuring that marginalized communities have equal opportunity to live healthy lives. Peter and HealthRight believe HOW you implement is as important as WHAT you implement, and are pioneering a more effective, efficient, and sustainable model for global health NGOs. Ask him about it. HealthRight’s strategic partnership with New York University, where Peter is also a professor of public health, brings together vulnerable communities, cutting edge research and development expertise to solve some of global health’s toughest challenges. Peter was previously a Technical Advisor at the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), and a Fellow in Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Undergirding his more recent work on program, policy and thought leadership is ten years in the field implementing and evaluating HIV prevention, care and treatment programs across sub-Saharan Africa. Peter is on the editorial board of the journal Global Health Governance, and has written on AIDS policy and other global health issues in various publications including the Lancet, Nutrition, the Huffington Post,, and Global Health Magazine. Peter holds degrees from Lehigh, Yale and the University of Cape Town.
  • President, World Spine Care
    Scott Haldeman DC, MD, PhD, FRCP(C), FCCS(C), FAAN is the founder of and current President of World Spine Care, a non-profit organization registered as a charity in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It is endorsed by the Global Alliance of Musculoskeletal Health of the Bone and Joint Decade, a UN-WHO initiative from 2000-2010. Its mission is: “To improve lives in under-served communities through sustainable, integrated, evidence based, spine care”. Scott Haldeman currently chairs the Global Spine Care Initiative, funded by the Skoll Foundation, the mission of which is: “To develop evidence-informed, practical, and sustainable, spine health care models for communities around the world with various levels of resources”. Dr. Haldeman holds faculty positions in the Department of Neurology, University of California, Irvine, the Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of California, Los Angeles, and the Southern California University of Health Sciences. He is Past President of the North American Spine Society and the American Back Society. He has published over 200 articles or book chapters and over 80 scientific abstracts, and has authored or edited 8 text books. He is certified by the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry, is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology. He has served on numerous governmental committees including the US department of Health AHCPR Clinical Guidelines Committee on Acute Low Back Problems in Adults. He presided over The Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force on Neck Pain and Its Associated Disorders. He served on the National Advisory Council of the United States National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health.