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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Making Leadership Great Again: Breakthrough Educational Models

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Session Description

Many young people today are eager to tackle the local, national, and global challenges standing in the way of a sustainable, prosperous, and just world but find that their educational experience doesn’t prepare them for the kind of leadership they aspire to. We’ll explore two cutting-edge approaches based on student-centered, experiential learning. These programs are flipping the script, emphasizing experience and responsibility as vehicles to build the character and capabilities required of ethical, innovative, purpose-driven leaders.

When | Where

1:30 PM - 2:45 PM Thursday, April 6 Rhodes Trust Lecture Theatre


Interview Series

Session leaders

  • Chris Bradford Speaker
    Co-Founder & CEO, African Leadership Academy
    Chris Bradford is the Founder and CEO of African Leadership Academy (, which seeks to transform Africa by identifying, developing, and connecting the continent's future leaders. He is passionate about the design of educational institutions and the role schools and universities play in shaping societies. With its unique focus and pan-African reach, African Leadership Academy is unlike any other educational institution in the world. Since 2004, Chris has led the design of African Leadership Academy’s innovative curriculum, which merges rigorous academics with powerful courses in Entrepreneurial Leadership and African Studies. He also shaped the Academy’s admissions process, which has selected outstanding young leaders from tens of thousands of applicants in 50 countries across Africa since 2008. Today, ALA has thousands of graduates from across Africa who are working together to lead change on the continent. ALA also delivers the Anzisha Prize (Africa's premier fellowship for young African entrepreneurs) and is a proud partner of The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. Chris brings a hybrid background in business and education to his work designing and building educational institutions. He previously worked with the Procter and Gamble Company, the Boston Consulting Group, The Broad Foundation, and at Oundle School. Chris holds a BA degree from Yale University and an MBA and MA (Education) from Stanford University. He is an Echoing Green Fellow (2006) and winner of the Siebel Scholars Impact Award (2012).
  • Debra Dunn Moderator
    Co-Founder, FEED Collaborative, Stanford University
    Debra is a faculty member at Stanford University's where she co-founded the FEED (Food Entrepreneurship, Education and Design) Collaborative, an exciting partnership between the and the School of Earth Sciences that cultivates radical innovation in the food system through human centered design and project-based, experiential learning in partnership with innovative businesses and non-profit organizations. She also works as an advisor to social ventures around the world. Previously Debra was a business executive at Hewlett Packard where the common threads in her broad, 22-year career were driving large scale change, creating new businesses and producing positive social impact and good business results concurrently. She serves on the Boards of the Skoll Foundation, B Lab, and the global advisory board of the African Leadership University. She is dedicated to food system transformation, social entrepreneurship and business as a force for good. Debra received her BA from Brown University and her MBA from Harvard University.
  • Jihad Hajjouji Speaker
    MBA Student, Stanford Graduate School of Business
    Jihad is a graduate of the African Leadership Academy, and has been working on areas of social impact in Africa and the Middle East for the past five years. Her experience ranges from high-level interaction and fundraising with international organisms such as the United Nations Academic Impact, the British Council, and the World Economic Forum, to grassroots training and facilitation with youth and women in Morocco and the United States. In her capacity as a consultant at Dalberg in Johannesburg, Dakar, and Abu Dhabi, Jihad worked on areas ranging from strategy to private sector investments to youth unemployment. Outside of work and school, Jihad is the co-founder and advisor of Rabat Entrepreneurial Challenge, a Moroccan NGO that tackles youth unemployment through entrepreneurship education. Jihad holds a B.A in International Politics and Economics from Middlebury College in the US, and is currently pursuing her MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Before her B.A, Jihad was trained in South Africa at the African Leadership Academy for two years, where she gained invaluable exposure to the world of social entrepreneurship.
  • Student, EARTH University
    José Carlos Rodríguez Mejías 29 years old Grew up in the countryside of Costa Rica in a small town called Hojancha, Guanacaste. Surrounded by forest, timber plantation, coffee plantation and small livestock activities. He Comes from a family dedicated to timber plantations and forest conservation as support activities, his mother worked in education in a local high school, and his father in the forestry department of the government. José got a bachelor’s degree in business administration from ITCR (Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica), worked as financial adviser in a small farmers association in his town, working with them he found his passion for agriculture and rural development. Currently he is in his fourth year of agriculture sciences at EARTH University, during his 3 first years he was part of a team that planed, operated, and evaluated a business project about marmalades and dehydrated fruit, using discard fruit from export companies. With his family he has started a agro ecological reserve and a foundation dedicated to improve agriculture in his region.
  • Jose Zaglul Speaker
    Former President, EARTH University
    José A. Zaglul is the former President (1987–2016) of EARTH University, an international, private, non-profit institution located in Costa Rica’s humid tropics. EARTH is dedicated to the formation of leaders with ethical values who will contribute to sustainable development and to the construction of a prosperous and just society. As the founding president of the University, Dr. Zaglul had a leading role in shaping the institution’s philosophy and strategic vision and provided the continuous leadership necessary for this innovative institution’s success. EARTH University offers a unique educational environment that encourages the development of responsible leadership based on values, social commitment, environmental consciousness, academic excellence, and an entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit. Under his leadership, EARTH graduated more than 2100 students from 39 countries, who are now spread around the world, transforming their own dreams and making EARTH’s mission a reality every day. Dr. Zaglul holds a PhD in Animal Science from the University of Florida. In addition, he obtained an M.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida and an Animal Science from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. He has been awarded Honorary Doctor degrees from the Chatham University of Pittsburg (2010), the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (2011), the California Polytechnic State University (2016) and the Center for Tropical Agriculture Research and Education (2016). As a family man, Dr. Zaglul professes special admiration for his Lebanese ancestors and for his migrant parents, who built their home in the small community of San Ramón, in Costa Rica, where Jose and his siblings grew up and received their primary and secondary education. He is married to Rosario Ruiz; they have three children, Joumana, Samir and Layla, and two grandchildren, Lucia and Gabriel, from Joumana and her husband Erick.