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Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Skoll Un-Forum

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Session Description

As leaders in social innovation, we know great power is unleashed when we come together to share ideas, inspire one another, and face challenges together. This year we are launching the Skoll Un-Forum – an opportunity to meet your fellow delegates to explore the questions, opportunities, and challenges that have been raised during the Forum and that you believe merit further discussion.

Let’s take advantage of the power of proximity to unlock the unique value of in-person dialogue. During this session, delegates will share questions and suggest topics for conversation, select the topics that are of the most interest, and dive into participant-led discussion. This is the chance to craft your Un-Forum experience.

When | Where

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Thursday, April 12 Collaboration Café Marquee



Session leaders

  • Avary Kent Facilitator
    Executive Director,
    Avary Kent is a serial Social Entrepreneur with deep expertise in making ideas a reality. Currently she is the Founding Executive Director of building the impact ecosystem through more effective convening, accelerators, and mapping initiatives. Her expertise in experience design supports her clients in the development of participant focused events integrating human centered design techniques that deliver outstanding feedback and results. As an on-site facilitator she has worked with politicians, academics, cyber security experts, factory owners and workers, Fortune 100 brands, investors, and foundation leaders. She is adept at navigating challenging conversations and supporting groups towards productive dialogue and action. She was also the co-founder of ImpactAlpha, The Happiness Institute, and Puzzlebox LLC. She received a BS in Genetics and Geobotanical Field Ecology from George Washington University and an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University.
  • Sujatha Sebastian Facilitator
    Sujatha thrives on helping mission-driven leaders engage in transformational conversations for positive change. She is a co-founder of, and a seasoned network builder, facilitator and capacity builder. In her role as a managing director, she led the development of’s membership and advisory service programs. Building on this work she is now preparing to launch a new organization focused on convening design. Sujatha has worked with several mission-driven organizations including the Aspen Institute, C&A Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, Open Society Foundations, the Paul and Daisy Soros Foundation for New Americans, and the Skoll World Forum. She is a dynamic and experienced consultant and facilitator who has worked across a variety of issue areas ranging from health equity to transparency in supply chains, and from education to cyber security. She has moderated discussions and conference sessions for a broad spectrum of institutions ranging from West Point Military Academy to the US Small Business Administration, and from the New Mexico Community Foundation to the Latin American Impact Investing Forum. Sujatha grew up in a multicultural household, the daughter of an immigrant entrepreneur and a midwife. She brings a diverse background in community economic development, international relations, and education to her work. She received her BA in Peace & Conflict Studies from Bryn Mawr College and completed her graduate studies at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.