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We all share belief in a better, more equitable world or ourselves, our children, and generations beyond. This conviction drives us—often relentlessly—to find the most effective and innovative solutions that provide real and sustainable opportunities for people to achieve their dreams. But belief systems have also instigated extreme prejudice, cycles of retribution, and challenges to social progress in communities around the world. As we work together and collaborate across sectors, issue areas, and geographies, we are deliberately deconstructing negative belief sets, coming together to drive the best of what’s working in the world. We believe social entrepreneurs and the innovators helping them drive solutions to some of the most pressing problems around the world hold the key to unlocking sustainable human progress. Join us in exploring this complex and important theme at this year’s Skoll World Forum.


The Great Paradigm Shift - 2015 Skoll World Forum




2015 Skoll World Forum