Angela Nzioki

Co-Founder & Country Manager, Pluspeople Kenya Limited


Angela has a background in Business and Information Technology and is currently the Co-Founder & Country Manager of Pluspeople Kenya, an IT-company in the financial inclusion sector that focuses on empowering small businesses in East Africa by providing them with IT solutions that enable them to manage and run their businesses more professionally.

Angela is a renown Kenyan entrepreneur, IT evangelist and an advocate for women in technology. Previously to Pluspeople, Angela founded Micro-Mobile a mobile applications company that gave students a detailed summary of their university’s e-learning systems and co-curricular activities. Angela occasionally speaks at FinTech events in the country sharing her experiences co-founding and running a FinTech company in Kenya.

As an advocate for women in technology, Angela mentors disadvantaged girls from a group called Akirachix, which is a program that inspires and develops girls in technology through networking, training and mentoring. Angela is also a founding member of a non-profit organization that champions a cultural exposure program between students in marginalized areas in Kenya and students in more-resourced areas.