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Conor O'Loughlin

Head of Communications, Crisis Action


Conor is a former journalist, having worked with the BBC, Reuters and others. After a period travelling and freelancing throughout Africa, he made the leap to storytelling for social good. He began consulting for various international nonprofits, helping them put story at the centre of their communications to drive engagement and change.

He then spent a number of years working on a startup global media team for Save the Children International, helping them ramp up ambition while cohering and aligning messaging and outreach across the globe. In 2014 he joined Crisis Action, where he leads media and digital campaigns designed to improve protections for civilians trapped in conflict across the globe.

At Crisis Action, his particular passion is driving connections for change - making introductions between exceptional individuals and organisations to stimulate creative thinking that creates awareness of the issues and fosters momentum and desire to bring about reprieve for civilians in war torn countries.

He holds a first-class masters degree in Political Communications from the University of Amsterdam and plays the saxophone and ukulele, both quite poorly.