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Announcing TEDx Skoll Conversations in Lagos, Bangalore, Lima, and São Paulo

July 25, 2018

By Claire Wathen - Skoll Foundation

In partnership with TED, we support the TEDx network of curators and conveners who strengthen community and civic discourse in more than 170 countries. This year, we’re teaming up with TEDx organizers in Lagos, Bangalore, Lima, and São Paulo to explore ideas and solutions to society’s challenges. This series of conversations between Skoll social entrepreneurs and community leaders starts in August.

TEDxLagos – Nigeria – August 18, 2018


What should we know about the culture and innovation happening in Lagos right now?  

“Lagos is such a dynamic city! The culture, people, food, and innovations are consistently evolving. There are a lot of technological innovations happening in the city which makes it Africa’s biggest tech hub. In Lagos, you will find individuals who have developed a global appeal while not losing their local relevance and sense of pride in their culture.”

Mercy Akamo, TEDxLagos Curator

TEDxBangaloreSalon – India – September 1, 2018  


Tell us about the theme of your upcoming TEDx Salon. How will it highlight the role of innovators and doers to address local challenges?  

“Our theme for this Salon is Purpose & Progress because when we begin to program purpose beyond profit into commerce something amazing is realized: lasting human progress. This theme affords us the opportunity to adopt an abundance mindset and explore emerging trends in technology, economy, and social enterprise, as well as revisit the role of essential actors such as government and civil society.”

Sartaj Anand, TEDxBangalore Curator

TEDxTukuy – Lima, Peru – October 13, 2018


What does Tukuy mean and how does that word embody your community?  

“Tukuy is a word in Quechua, a local language, the language used by the Incas. The word can be translated in several ways including: all, for all and transformation. Our community recognizes the event as a place to be surprised, to question and to get inspired into action. We aim to be a place of discovery and as such our stage has become a platform for a diverse set of multidisciplinary reality-changing/challenging people.”

Michael Barclay, TEDxTukuy Curator

TEDxSãoPaulo – Brazil – October 24, 2018


What are some parallels between your local TEDx community and the Skoll network of change makers?   

“São Paulo is a vibrant city with awesome opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs of all ages and areas of expertise. Our team started organizing TEDx events in 2012, and we grew slowly but surely over the years, to become a large 400+ volunteer team, organizing four to six events a year. Our TEDx events have featured many social entrepreneurs and changemakers over the years. We LOVE helping them spread their ideas and solutions to inspire others and the visibility helps them get the support and credibility they need.”

Elena Crescia, TEDxSãoPaulo Curator

When great ideas meet social entrepreneurs and become solutions worth scaling, that’s social progress.

We hope you’ll consider attending these events or participating online via livestream and #TEDxSkollConversations. To learn more and RSVP, visit  

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