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James Perry

Director, B Lab UK, B Lab


James is Chairman of COOK (, the social-hearted business which he co-owns with his brother. COOK employs over 550 people, is rolling out across the UK and in 2013 certified as one of the UK’s first B Corporations. In 2004 he started working with Panahpur (, a UK-based charitable endowment, as it sought solutions to the constraints of charity. Panahpur invested in numerous funds and social businesses in the UK and majority world, including the first social impact bonds, the Social Stock Exchange (where he serves as Deputy Chairman) and the Big Society Finance Fund, a prototype fund for Big Society Capital. James has written extensively on charity and the evolution of the economy, most recently working with the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce. He divides his time between his work with Panahpur and COOK and is currently leading an effort to launch B Corporations in the UK in late 2015.