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Friday, April 11, 2014

Meeting the Challenge of Increased Energy Demand: Opportunities for a “Clean” Energy Matrix?

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Session Description

Realities of climate change make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy a shared imperative. Increased demand from emerging economies and conflicts surrounding energy generation projects only increase the complexity. Meeting energy demand while maintaining global warming under a two degree limit will require a fresh approach to solving technical, social, and political hurdles. What have we learned about different drivers for transforming the energy matrix? Do advances in Latin America and other regions offer models for building sustainable energy capacity while reducing inequality? Engage in a lively discussion of fresh experiences that may point the way toward a more sustainable energy future.

When | Where

13:15 - 14:30 Friday, April 11 SBS, Edmond Safra Lecture Theatre

Session leaders

  • Sean McKaughan Moderator
    Chairman of the Board, Fundación Avina
    Sean McKaughan has over 20 years of experience in the field of sustainable development. He is Chairman of the Board of Fundación Avina, a Latin American philanthropic foundation contributing to sustainability in 18 countries of the region. Prior to his current role as Chairman, Mr. McKaughan led Avina’s executive team for seven years as CEO. During his tenure at Avina, Mr. McKaughan has been an advocate for inclusive business, the Amazon, social innovation networks, and the promotion of sustainability in Latin America and throughout the world. Mr. McKaughan holds master’s degrees in Urban Planning and Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. He and his family have lived in Rio de Janeiro since 2001.
  • Dipender Saluja Speaker
    Managing Director, Capricorn Investment Group
    Dipender Saluja is Managing Director at Capricorn Investment Group, an investment firm founded to demonstrate that it is possible to invest profitably while driving sustainable positive change. Capricorn manages about $5 billion in assets for Jeff Skoll, the Skoll Foundation, and others who strive for extraordinary investment results by leveraging market forces to accelerate large scale impact. Capricorn's investment process is grounded in comprehensive perspectives on long-term, global trends in technology, energy, healthcare, transportation and agriculture. Some of Capricorn’s past and current investments include Tesla, Planet Labs, QuantumScape, Innovium, SpaceX, Twitter, and Helion Energy. Prior to Capricorn, Dipender was Chief of Staff at Cadence, a global market leader in electronic design, where he built and managed businesses that worked closely with electronics companies around the world. Prior to that he was at Data General (EMC), Honeywell, ROLM (IBM), and the GF Energy Research Center. He is an electrical engineer by training, and attended UND, Univ of Minnesota and Stanford. Dipender serves on the boards of AST, Automatiks, GotIt!, Encell, Innovium, Joby Aviation, Navitas Semi, QuantumScape, RayVio, Saildrone, Sense and Sunpreme, and on the investment committee of PRIME. He is based in Palo Alto, CA.
  • Tasso Azevedo Speaker
    (Brazil), Climate Observatory
    Tasso Azevedo is a consultant and social entrepreneur in the field of forests, sustainability and climate change.  He coordinates the SEEG Network a System to Esstimate GHG Emissions ( as well as MAPBIOMAS a platform to produce annual land cover and land use maps of entire countries through a multi-institutional collaboration. He is a forestry engineer graduate at ESALQ/USP and was founder and director of the Institute of Forest and Agriculture Management and Certification (IMAFLORA), the largest FSC and SAN certifier in Brazil. Tasso was Director of the National Forest Program at the Ministry of Environment and general-secretary of the National Forest Commission.  He was the first Chief & Director General of the Brazilian Forest Service.  He was one of the key people involved in the design and implementation of the National Plan to Combat Deforestation and the Amazon Fund (world ´s largest forest protection funds). Tasso serves as board member on several organizations including the Business Forum on Climate Change, Rainforest Alliance, Imazon, Imaflora and IEMA and teaches at pos-graduate programs on sustainability related issues and is columnist at O Globo newspaper and Epoca Negocios magazine.
  • Sara Larrain Speaker
    Executive director, Chile Sustentable
    Sara Larrain is Executive Director of the Sustainable Chile Program, a member of the Interamerican Network for Water and Life Defense, and a board member of the Internacional Forum on Globalization. Past roles include teaching at the Universidad Católica de Chile; co-founder of the Ecological Action Nacional Network; coordinator of the energy/atmosphere campaign of Greenpeace Latin America and the Energy Program of the Sustainable South Cone Program. She has participated in the design of public policies for the National Program for Energy Efficiency; the design and approval of a law establishing a quota of 10% of new renewable energies for 2024; the creation of the Environmental Ministry; Environmental Tribunals; the closure and restoration of mining sites and a law increasing to 20% in 2025 the mandatory quota of renewable energies. Today her team is working to guarantee the human right to water and the protection of glaciers in the Andes Mountains threatened by mining expansion.