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Early childhood (from birth to 5 yearsi ) through primary school is a critical time period for young children. The first few years of life are a period of remarkable brain development that lays the foundation for subsequent learning and development. Children in rich and poor countries alike face barriers of access and quality.

Desired Equilibrium

Every child has the opportunity to experience a healthy, nurturing childhood environment that creates a strong foundation of cognitive, social and emotional well-being, and for success in primary schools that further nourish the child into reaching his or her full potential.

Ways Skoll social entrepreneurs are addressing the issue:
  • Directly providing students with quality curriculum and services that improve learning (Afghan Institute of Learning, Aflatoun, Educate Girls, Khan Academy, Pratham, Room to Read, The Citizens Foundation)
  • Enabling vulnerable children left out by the system (e.g. girls, homeless children) to receive an education (Afghan Institute of Learning, Arzu, Educate Girls, Free the Children, Friends-International, GoodWeave, OneSky, Population and Community Development Association, The Citizens Foundation, Tostan)
  • Strengthening education governance through training and supporting teachers, administrators, and school systems (Escuela Nueva, New Teacher Center, Pratham, Teach for All)
  • Engaging communities as a support network to value education for all children (Educate Girls, Girls Not Brides, Nidan, Tostan)