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    About the Organization

    Living Goods envisions a world where every family can easily access the healthcare they need to survive and thrive. To achieve this, Living Goods supports digitally empowered community health workers (CHWs) who deliver care on call by leveraging smart mobile technology and real-time data, with the goal of supporting governments to invest in and scale effective community health nationally. CHWs go door-to-door in their neighborhoods to provide health education, diagnoses, medicines, and health products. CHWs target pregnant women and moms with children under the age of five who lack access to reliable healthcare. Living Goods provides CHWs with ongoing training and a smartphone equipped with a powerful diagnostic mobile app. Supervisors closely monitor the performance of CHWs and ensure they are always stocked with essential medicines and health products. Importantly, CHWs focus on the impact areas where they can make the biggest difference at a low cost: pregnancy and newborn care; childhood illnesses, such as malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea; high-risk case referrals; nutrition; family planning; and immunization. Working primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, Living Goods partners with the governments of Kenya and Uganda to bolster each country’s CHW programs. Additionally, Living Goods partners with African governments and implementing partners, like PSI in Myanmar, in an advisory capacity to support CHW networks.

    Millions of children and adults die each year from preventable or treatable diseases for want of simple, inexpensive health products.

    Living Goods’ sustainable model deploys community health workers who travel door-to-door, providing information and treatment, and selling products that save lives.

    Chuck Slaughter envisions a global network of community-based businesses providing advice, care, products that improve health and wellbeing.

    Tested in four countries and poised to grow, Living Goods provides employment for rural women, improves access to life-saving products, and empowers poor consumers.

    Ambition for Change

    Living Goods aims not only to deliver exceptional public health returns that provide a high return on investment, but also to advance universal health coverage and last mile access by empowering health workers with the technology, treatments, supervision, and compensation they need to be effective.

    Path to Scale

    Living Goods partners with governments and implementing partners to build capacity in effective community health approaches, including support on policies, programs, technologies and other infrastructure that facilitate successful, impactful community health systems.

    Skoll Awardee
    Chuck Slaughter

    Founder and Board Chair, Living Goods

    Chuck Slaughter fell in love with faraway lands and peoples while leading bike trips during school breaks. Seeking work that would unite his passions for travel, business, and making the world better off, he tried bike repair and documentary films. In 1987, he read an article about Trickle Up, a microfinance pioneer. Two weeks later, he began working for them. He eventually earned a business degree and traveled widely as a management consultant. His struggle to find travel-worthy clothes inspired TravelSmith—a direct mail catalog company that soon topped $100 million in sales. After a 2001 crisis, Chuck led a turnaround and sold the company, intending to spend time with family and develop new ideas. He invested in and led turnarounds for other businesses, including a system of franchised drug shops in Kenya. Inspiration struck again. He imagined a model based on the Avon cosmetics business, improving access to quality goods and earning opportunities for women. He ordered a kit and tried his hand as an “Avon lady.” What he lacked in lipstick sales he made up in learning. He launched Living Goods in Uganda in 2007, aiming to inspire global NGOs and businesses to build micro-franchises that bring life-changing products directly to families who need them most. In April 2016, Chuck stepped down as President, but is currently Chair of the Board and Chair of the Advocacy Committee. Shaun Church, former COO, served as President until June 2018. In June 2018, Liz Jarman, Living Goods’ former Chief Strategy Officer, became Living Goods’ first female and East-Africa-based CEO.

    Impact & Accomplishments
    • In 2019, Living Goods trained almost 7,000 government CHWs across Uganda and Kenya, and supported BRAC in deploying another 3,500 CHWs in Uganda. In the same year, these CHWs assessed more than 1.8M children under five years of age, treated more than 800,000 children, and supported more than 130,000 pregnancies.
    • Living Goods launched Uganda’s first results-based financing (RBF) mechanism for community health, which aims to demonstrate a scalable model for contracting high-impact, cost-effective CHW services.
    • In Isiolo County, Kenya, Living Goods entered a co-financing partnership with the county government to implement and strengthen community health services over four years, and to gradually transition full ownership and cost of the program to the government. This is the first time a government partner has co-financed with Living Goods to manage all their community health services.
    • In 2018, Living Goods launched a partnership with fellow Skoll Awardee Last Mile Health to deploy thousands of digitally-empowered community health workers to serve millions of people across four African countries by 2021, creating unstoppable momentum for community health.
    Caroline Mbindyo
    Director of Technology and Innovation, Living Goods
    Chuck Slaughter
    Founder and Board Chair, Living Goods
    Jennifer Foth
    Deputy Director, New Country Expansion, Living Goods
    Lisa McCandless
    Executive Director, US, Living Goods
    Meagan Sutton
    Product Development Manager, Living Goods
    Sarah Cramer
    Deputy Director, Major Gifts, Living Goods
    Shaun Church
    Chief Executive Officer, Living Goods
    Sonja Kotze
    Chief Financial Officer, Living Goods
    Thomas Onyango
    Country Director, Kenya, Living Goods
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