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    About the Organization

    Medic designs, deploys, and supports world-class, open-source software for health workers providing care in the world’s hardest-to-reach communities. They focus on frontline health workers as a means of reaching and positively impacting underserved communities around the world. Medic acknowledges that the poorest and most marginalized people are systematically more likely to be exposed to disease and harm and less likely to access working health systems or robust software tools. Medic believes quality care can be provided through integrated, community-based health systems, and that health workers and care teams can deliver decentralized and coordinated services.

    Medic serves as technical steward and core contributor of the Community Health Toolkit (CHT), a global public good that supports health workers as they deliver care in reimagined health systems. The CHT includes a collection of open-source software frameworks and applications, with resources to help partners design and deploy digital tools (“apps”) for care teams with the support of an active community of collaborators. The CHT enables care coordination for antenatal care, postnatal care, non-communicable diseases, immunizations, integrated community case management, and nearly any infectious disease, including TB, HIV, and most recently, COVID-19. The CHT’s modular tools work together as an integrated platform for infectious disease preparedness, surveillance, and response as well as routine community health services, and can be quickly configured for specific partner needs.

    There are more than one billion people in the world who may never see a doctor in their lifetime.

    Frontline health workers use tools built on the CHT to provide maternal care, assessments and treatment for sick children, malnutrition screening and treatment, and care for infectious and non-communicable diseases.

    Ambition for Change

    Medic’s mission is to advance good health, human flourishing, and equitable care for and with the hardest-to-reach communities. We build and apply open-source digital tools that help health workers deliver just, quality care to their neighbors and community. We envision a more just world in which health workers are supported as they provide care for their communities, where universal health coverage is a reality, and health is a secured human right – for everyone, everywhere, always.

    Path to Scale

    Recognizing the need for shared tools and infrastructure that meet individual community health needs, Medic and partners launched the open-source and open-access Community Health Toolkit in 2018, which leverages the core software development completed by Medic over the prior decade. To continue scaling, Medic partners with local and national governments, implementers, technology partners, and local communities to develop people-focused, sustainable solutions that meet health, well-being, and development needs. We are committed to open-source resources so that any organization around the world can access free tools to support health workers and community health systems effectively.

    Skoll Awardee
    Josh Nesbit

    Former Chief Executive Officer, Medic

    In 2010, while volunteering at a hospital in Malawi, Josh Nesbit worked alongside a single doctor caring for a community of 250,000 people. Patients and their families were traveling up to 100 miles just to reach the facility and community health workers were walking 50 miles each week to hand-deliver patient updates from their villages. These enormous barriers to care coexisted in an area with near-perfect mobile phone reception. This dichotomy of available rapid communication technology, yet delayed health care provision was the catalyst to partner with community health teams to harness technology to facilitate care coordination in remote communities. What began as free software to send SMS text messages on basic phones has transformed into a robust open-source software toolkit, web and smartphone apps, and a community of like-minded partners supporting thousands of health workers as they provide doorstep care to millions of families around the world. In late 2020, Josh stepped down as Chief Executive Officer after 11 years of service, and transitioned to an active Board role.  

    Impact & Accomplishments
    • As of Q1 2021, the CHT supports more than 37,000 frontline health workers cross 16 countries is Africa and Asia as they complete 19+ million caring activities each year.
    • To date, the CHT has supported a total of 50+ million caring activities.
    • Medic launched Medic Labs in 2020—an R&D unit that incubates breakthrough ideas in data science and precision public health
    Shreya Bhatt
    Chief of Staff, Medic
    Marc Abbyad
    Chief Product Officer, Medic
    Isaac Holeman
    Chief Research Officer, Medic
    Emily Michael
    Chief Development Officer, Medic
    Jacqueline Edwards
    Interim Chief Executive Officer, Medic
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