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Health care delivery refers to the effective local provision of medical care services, covering infectious diseases, chronic illness, mental health, and primary care. Effective health delivery must include provider access, quality of care, and affordability.

Desired Equilibrium

Functional and lasting health care systems that provide effective, affordable access to the full spectrum of health care services to keep all people healthy.

Ways Skoll social entrepreneurs are addressing the issue:
  • Filling gaps in the health system infrastructure to help achieve optimal efficiency (Medic Mobile, PIH, Riders for Health, Village Reach)
  • Training nonprofessional providers to extend care to under-served populations (Living Goods, mothers2mothers, PIH, VisionSpring, WHP)
  • Continuing the provision of care at home and in the community (Basic Needs, Health Leads, Living Goods, PIH, Saudé Criança)
  • Using an integrated approach to address social and economic factors affecting health (Health Leads, Living Goods, Saudé Criança)
  • Utilizing modern technology to empower health systems and providers (Medic Mobile, Village Reach, WHP)